LikeCoin new validator report by 🔥STAVR🔥

Hi everybody. This is my application for delegation of the Likecoin community.

I joined the network 1 month ago and during this time I have done:

  1. Voted for the last 1 proposals

  2. Didn't go to jail

  3. Launched the explorer EXPLORER

  4. Posted the information on my github

  5. RPC

  6. API

  7. gRPC

  8. Peer

  9. RPC Scanner

  10. Decentralization (update every 6 hours)

  11. Addrbook (update every hour)

  12. State-Sync

  13. SnapShot

  14. Service/Install script (Install, State-Sync, Snapshot, Update, Delete)

  15. Guide/Manual

Validator link:

Moniker: 🔥STAVR🔥



Like my work? Don't forget to support and clap, let me know that you are with me on the road of creation. Keep this enthusiasm together!

🔥STAVR🔥professional PoS & PoW validators team Github: Explorer:
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