First Trial of Hair Accessories Organiser

some old materials in workshop stock looks no-use, perhaps a good chance for my discovery on them again, and let them go into something new.

After home move, some old stuffs almost out of my sight and memory; appear in front of me once I have got my workshop settled.

Some woven straps...seems a year I wanna do some tote but finally the strap color not matching to any of fabric in my stock.

Certainly it looks good when standing alone, otherwise I won't buying.

The woven tape weaved very strong and looks good if its not to be an accessories on any fabric.

New home is designed in color theme inTurquoise, so-called Tiffany color in Asian cities in recent years; as well as our home does a connecting color too.

The strap is right the the color fitting well. I saw some works really great from my friend in Singapore, she made many for the kids and all those little princesses and their mom love very much. I do too but her makings mostly in fansy and princess-wise....not for me.

I keep digging in my old stock box and found some old ribbons. Alright, here we are.

Hair Accessories Organiser, a simple and quite easy for any age.


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