Leaves Leaving Twigs Behind. Is This the End of It?

Leaves are leaving /
Never even a final bye-bye to their twigs /
They were still happily clinging yesterday /
I swear / I saw it. //

Yep that's the end of it・我們就這樣吧 /
Close enough by my side /
In my ears you're mumbling /
Sounded like some of your last blessing /
I rather think of it this way /
Even after watching the cycle / For four autumns. //

Comme d'habitude・As usual /
Your love was a foreign one /
Not quite able to read even half of you /
Not this half of what you just said /
Nor the other half of the time went by. //

Was I dragged away by the whiff of you /
Or was I just not that into you /
The two-halves simply don't add up right. //

Seemed like nothing was left /
My body became a mess /
Autumn wind blowing in its unique way. //

Silence proved my sloughing /
Leaving behind my fragile heft /
You can't neglect my existence. //

You grant me with no wish /
Yet I make zero anticipation
. //

Fallen leaves stitched a thick carpet on the floor /
I know what is up their mind /
A new company is natually normal. //

No big deal / Just another cycle in life /
Am cold blooded. //

Every life moves on /
Do cherish the time we've got left. ///

"Leaf-ing the Veins". A sketch by Gunshock back in 2018.


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