MRHB's TijarX Gold Rush Offers a Prize Pool of USD10,000 Worth of Tokenized Gold


MRHB’s tokenized decentalized exchange TijarX has moved on from its Beta phase! To celebrate, MRHB is currently hosting the TijarX Gold Rush Contest, starting from Jan 16th and ending Jan 31st.

By purchasing at least US$100 worth of Gold Standard ($AUS) on the DEX, buyers stand a chance to win a share of the US$10,000 prize pool of tokenized gold.

The TOP 3 prizes of $5,000, $3,000 and $1,000 worth of AUS will be awarded to the participants who have the highest AUS net buys. 10 Lucky Draw winners get to win $100 worth of AUS each from the remaining $1,000 in the prize pool.

TijarX Gold Rush details:<wbr></wbr>blog/tijarx-<wbr></wbr>gold-rush

For step-by-step guides on how to buy gold on TijarX:<wbr></wbr>blog/how-to-<wbr></wbr>buy-gold-tijarx

MRHB.Network’s TijarX is a tokenized commodity DEX (decentralized exchange) that is featured within the self-custodial and multi-chain MRHB Sahal Wallet, both halal crypto solutions.

As the crypto world contends with the spectacular collapses of massive centralized ecosystems as seen with top CEX FTX and derivative ‘stablecoins’ Terra/Luna, MRHB’s TijarX and Sahal Wallet simultaneously present a trustless (and audited) smart contract DEX offering a stablecoin directly linked to the world’s oldest form of stable money –– precious metals.

Currently offering gold and silver tokens in partnership with Gold & Silver Standard (GSS), TijarX unlocks access to tokenized (and hence easy to both fractionally acquire and secure) gold and silver for faith-based and ethically-conscious communities.

GSS is the product of Ainslie Bullion, Australia’s leading and trusted bullion dealer, with nearly 50 years of experience. GSS mints tokens only upon vaulted bullion, one-for-one, where Proof of Reserve is available any time on the website and anyone can interrogate the database of vaulted bars down to the serial number of each and compare to the public blockchain, knowing the vaulted metal equals tokens issued.

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