Who suffers when the new season starts early? Lakers Clippers face challenges


The NBA Finals is less than a month away, and the start of the new season has been put on the agenda for discussion. According to previous reports, the league intends to start the new season before Christmas, starting the training camp on December 1, and many stars including LeBron believe that this time is too early.

It is true that for LeBron and the Lakers, starting training camp after a break of less than two months will be a big challenge. As we all know, LeBron can maintain such an outstanding competitive state when he is close to the age of 36, which is inseparable from the maintenance of his body during the offseason each year. Once the offseason is shortened and LeBron's adjustment rhythm is disrupted, it will inevitably put higher demands on his body. At the same time, the Lakers have more veterans on the team, and they are obviously at a disadvantage than some young teams when they can't get enough rest.

In the same way, teams that end the season later, such as the Heat, Nuggets, and Celtics, certainly don’t want the new season to start at the end of the year. For NBA professional players, it’s already long for NBA professional players to rest at least 4 months at the end of each season Become their habit, once this year's offseason is reduced by half compared with previous years, they may be difficult to prepare physically and mentally. The Warriors, Nets and other teams that ended their season journey earlier this season due to injuries are gearing up and ready to go. Compared with them, teams with better results this season have too little rest time and are likely to have records at the beginning of the new season. Straight down.

In addition to challenging the athletes' physical fitness, the short offseason time is also not conducive to the work of adjusting the team's lineup. For example, the Clippers failed to achieve the desired results this season. They fired the former coach Doc Rivers at the end of the season and strengthened assistant coach Tyronn Lue. At the same time, there have been many disharmonious voices within the team. Whether it is to solve the contradictions within the team or to resolve the conflicts, it is not a task that can be completed overnight. If large-scale personnel adjustments are required after the free agent market opens, the Clippers will have very limited time and the running-in time for the new lineup will be crowded, which will add considerable difficulty to their new season journey.


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