Son Ah-seop Asked Advice from an Office Worker Friend

Son Ah-seop (36), a veteran outfielder for the professional baseball NC Dinos, is a persistent player.

If you can be good at baseball... Son Ah-seop also asked for advice from an office worker friend

Son Ah-seop, who is about to record the most hits in KBO League history, has unstoppable grit.

Son Ah-seop (36), a veteran outfielder for the professional baseball NC Dinos, is a persistent player.

He does whatever it takes to become good at baseball.

Disciplined training is basic and thorough self-management outside the field.

Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and carbonated drinks, and do not eat sweet foods.

It's not just this. 바카라사이트

He lived his whole life with a desire to be good at baseball.

It was the same reason why he changed his name from Son Gwang-min to Son Ah-seop in 2008.

In the past, people played games with archery targets attached to the helmet window because it was good for eye concentration, and they also batted with tape wrapped around the handle so as not to lose the feeling of holding the bat.

People around him called him ‘eccentric,’ but Son Ah-seop didn’t care.

Since he started his career as a player, he has never stopped thinking about baseball even for a single day.

Whenever I was in a slump, I would jump up from my sleep.

This tendency of Son Ah-seop also harmed his body.

He suffered from gastritis last year due to extreme stress.

On September 28th last year, during a home game against the KIA Tigers, a broadcast camera caught him vomiting at first base after getting on base, causing concern around him.

However, Son Ah-seop's tenacity did not break.

Even this season, 18 years after his professional debut, Son Ah-seop continues to struggle with baseball every day.

He met with Yonhap News at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 7th and said, “If I can play baseball well, I can do anything.”

Son Ah-seop also asks for advice from many people around him, regardless of age, seniority, or status.

It's been a long time since he put aside his pride in being the best hitter in the KBO league.

He said, "I was going through a slump last month, so I called up a friend I played baseball with in elementary school and asked him about my problem.

He is currently working as an office worker, and he knows me well, so I thought he could understand the problem."

It's not just this.

Son Ah-seop also asked for advice from bullpen catchers who throw batting balls.

He said, “Batting ball pitchers are people who watch my batting form up close for a long time,” and added, “Not only people with good skills and high positions can give advice.

To be good at baseball, you need to have the attitude of constantly asking and working hard.”

Son Ah-seop, who has desperately continued his career as a player at every moment, is now on the verge of becoming number one with the most hits in the KBO League.

Son Ah-seop, who played in 2,008 games over 18 years, recorded 2,461 hits as of the 7th, leaving 44 behind the most hits (2,504) held by commentator Park Yong-taek (former LG Twins).

Son Ah-seop, who had 3 hits each in the game against LG Twins on the 2nd and against SSG Landers on the 3rd, is showing off his recently improved hitting skills by scoring 4 hits in the game against SSG on the 4th, but he still has many concerns.

He said, “My desire to play baseball well will continue until the day I retire,” and “I will do my best at every moment, regardless of whether I break the record or not.”


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