Positive Energy Inspirational Quotes


Children without umbrellas must run hard!

When I feel that I am unlucky, I think: this is swaying my bad luck. After swaying, all the rest is lucky!

If there is a shadow in front of you, it is because there is sunlight behind you.

I am not afraid of thousands of people blocking me, I am afraid of surrendering myself.

We must first learn to bear and then learn to participate. To endure requires experience and solidity, and participation also requires courage and passion. Life is slowly running in between passion and plainness.


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Abraham Self-destruction is the slave of fate, self-improvement is the angel of life; I don't want to water my soul with other people's sweat, I am willing to use other people's padded jacket to warm my body
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Positive Energy Inspirational Quotes

Positive Energy Inspirational Quotes

Guo Wengui, Bannon Conspiracy Theory