Application for LikeCoin community delegation renewal

Hello! This is my application for LikeCoin community delegation renewal.

My contribution for the past period includes on-chain governance, documentation updates and network participation.

LikeCoin Mainnet

Validator link:

  1. I was never jailed during a period of being validator.
  2. Voted on most on-chain proposals from Proposal #44 to Proposal #56.
  3. Deposited LIKE tokens for most Proposals #23-43 (72,000+ LIKE in total).
  4. Raised Community pool spend proposal about Pool incentives on Osmosis (Proposal #48: after discussion with LikeCoin community members in Discord. This was the second time I was raising the Proposal for LikeCoin and I am ready to help community in raising Proposals in the future too.
  5. Successfully upgraded liked binary to versions 2.0.0 and later 3.0.0 using Cosmovisor tool.
  6. Updated setup guide for LikeCoin Mainnet validators:
  7. Updated useful commands list:
Proposal #48

LikeCoin Testnet

  1. Successfully upgraded liked binary to version 2.0.0.

I will continue to keep my Mainnet node online and provide help to other LikeCoin validators. I will also take part in LikeCoin Testnet when new upgrades will be needed to test. My plans include updating of my LikeCoin Mainnet and Testnet guides.


Like my work? Don't forget to support and clap, let me know that you are with me on the road of creation. Keep this enthusiasm together!