Surprise Guest KT Wiz So Hyeong-jun

So Hyun-Jun (22), the ace of the KT Wiz professional baseball team who is recovering from surgery for a ruptured right elbow ligament last May

‘Surprise Guest’ KT’s So Hyeong-jun “I Wanted to Throw it… I Didn’t Feel Like there was an Empty Space”

Rehabilitation after elbow surgery “Cheering on my colleagues.

I will definitely win the 5th PO game”

So Hyun-Jun (22), the ace of the KT Wiz professional baseball team who is recovering from surgery for a ruptured right elbow ligament last May, sent a message of support to his teammates ahead of Game 5 of the playoffs (PO).

Hyun Joon So met with reporters at KT Wiz Park in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, where the 5th PO game against NC Dinos will be held on the 5th, and said, "I feel very sorry for my teammates. 토토사이트

I am watching every game while cheering this postseason.

KT is watching today's game."

“I will definitely win,” he said.

So Hyun-jun, who played the role of ace not only during the regular season but also every fall baseball season, suffered a setback early this year.

Perhaps due to the aftermath of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), he struggled with poor physical condition, but was diagnosed with a ruptured elbow ligament during a detailed examination on May 11 and was out for the season.

So-Jun Sohn, who underwent elbow ligament joint surgery (Tommy John surgery), is focusing on rehabilitation with the goal of returning in the middle of next year.

On this day, he visited the stadium for his rehabilitation training and responded to reporters' interview requests.

Regarding the rehabilitation process, Hyun Soo-Jun said, "I felt impatient right after getting injured, but I thought I would have to have surgery at least once during my career, so I relaxed and rehabilitated.

I rested well, ate well, and recovered well."

He went on to say, “I want to return within July of next year,” and “I will start practicing throwing (catch balls, etc.) next week.”

Hyun Joon praised his teammates who advanced to fall baseball without him.

Regarding Park Young-hyeon, a direct junior from Yushin High School who has grown significantly this year, he said with a smile, "I used to give advice related to mental health, but now I think I have to learn from him."

Regarding foreign pitcher Benjamin Cuevas, who took the mound in the 1st game of PO and pitched in the 4th game of PO after resting only three days, he said, "It's really amazing," and "It was a pitch that reminded me of the 1st place match in 2021."

When asked, "Didn't you feel like throwing?" he said, "I really wanted to throw.

I missed the heat of the baseball stadium."

Was it because of longing?

So Hyun-Jun was unable to watch the 1st and 2nd PO games held at home.

He said, "I only watched it on TV," and "The weather is not so good today, so I think I'll go home and watch it."

In response to the joking question, "I wonder if I'll enter the Korean Series," he laughed and said, "Now I throw about 5 meters," and then added, "I think I can throw the first pitch."


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