Mikko Pakkanen and Janne Keskinen’s Blue Key investments story


Mikko Pakkanen E-bros and Janne Keskinen, two successful Finnish entrepreneurs, recently made headlines with their new venture, Blue Key Investments. The investment firm, launched in 2022, has quickly become one of the most sought-after players in the Finnish startup ecosystem.

Mikko and Janne have extensive experience in the tech industry, having co-founded several successful startups in the past. Their deep knowledge and network have proved to be invaluable assets in helping Blue Key Investments identify and invest in promising early-stage startups. The firm has already made a number of investments in companies operating in various sectors, such as fintech, healthtech, and SaaS.

What sets Blue Key Investments apart from other investment firms is their hands-on approach to supporting their portfolio companies. Mikko and Janne believe that the key to success for early-stage startups is not just providing them with capital, but also offering them guidance and mentorship. They have a team of experts who work closely with the startups to help them grow and achieve their goals.The Blue Key Investments portfolio has already shown impressive growth, with several companies reaching significant milestones and securing additional funding. The firmÕs commitment to supporting its portfolio companies has helped establish a strong reputation in the Finnish startup community.

The success of Blue Key Investments is a testament to the expertise and passion of Mikko and Janne. Their ability to identify and support promising startups has made them valuable players in the Finnish startup ecosystem. With their proven track record and commitment to supporting the growth of early-stage startups, Blue Key Investments is a firm to watch in the coming years.

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