How to Login to ATT Yahoo Email?


We all know that it was announced that ATT and Yahoo mail are going to be merged in a partnership contract and the merger will allow the email inboxes and passwords to be shared. 

But later on the users were informed that the Yahoo ATT accounts will be unmerged which has left many users in confusion about what to do. If you want to know about ATT Yahoo email or log in ATT email then you should read this article. 

Step by step guide to log into ATT Yahoo mail account 

Without causing any further confusion for the readers we have mentioned the steps which you have to follow to log into your account on ATT Yahoo platform. 

For the first step you have to open a browser on your device on which you can either visit page or AT&T mail login page whichever you want. 

Once the site will open you have to navigate the login option and tap on it to further move ahead to the following step below. 

Now, you will need to input the login credentials of your att yahoo account like username as well as account’s password. 

Once you are done filling in the details you must check them before you press the sign in button. 

As soon as you hit the sign in button you will get access to your ATT mailbox and you can exchange emails using it. Following these steps effectively will let you access your account in a few minutes. 

Things indicating you have an unmerged account 

Now, coming to those who are not able to figure out whether their account is unmerged or not, here are the things which you have to see and check if your account is unmerged or not. 

If your ATT Yahoo mail account is unmerged then to sign into your ATT account you will need an ATT email address, also to access your account in ATT space also you will need ATT email address and password. 

Whereas, when you are trying to access the combined ATT Yahoo account you have to use Yahoo email Id on the


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