Wine-Based Cocktails to Try This Summer


There is literally nothing nicer than sitting in the warm sun, chatting with friends and family with a cool glass of something to drink and some delicious nibbles. You probably have your favourite drinks which you turn to each summer, such as iced tea or a cold beer, but a cocktail can really hit the spot! While some cocktails aren’t really suitable for summer sipping, why not give these summer wine-based cocktails a try. Whether it’s a red, white or rosé, these refreshing cocktails can turn a basic bottle of wine into something new and exciting. 


A classic wine cocktail. The delicious blend of red wine (or white if you prefer) is stirred together with a selection of fresh fruit, traditionally oranges and lemon, with soda, cinnamon and sugar to make a fabulous fruity long drink. There are many different sangria recipes to try, or you could simply experiment with the fruit and spices you enjoy – think chopped strawberries and lime, pear or apple with cloves or ginger. If you want to add an extra hit to your drink, brandy can also be added, or even limoncello. Be sure to serve your sangria with plenty of ice in a large serving jug and make sure that each glass gets plenty of fruit too.


A modern classic! This is a deceptively simple cocktail that always goes down very well – it’s a grown-up slushie! All this cocktail needs is a bottle of rosé wine which has been frozen (frozen in a large container, rather than in the bottle), which is then blended with strawberries or even raspberries and a pinch of sugar. It really is so simple and is a fun alternative to serving a glass of rosé wine. Add a sprig of mint to the glass and watch the delight on your guest’s faces when they get an adult slushie to enjoy!

Aperol Spritz

If the frozé is the fun cocktail, the Aperol spritz is its more grown-up cousin. This sophisticated drink is perfect for dinner parties and sophisticated lunches in the sun. A mix of prosecco, soda and Aperol (an Italian aperitif with a bitter orange taste) served in a wine glass over ice and thin orange slices is the classic drink, but you can also add your own customisations such as using flavoured sparkling water instead of soda if you like a sweeter drink. 

Wine mojito

If you like a classic mojito, but want something without rum, a white wine mojito is your new best friend. This cocktail takes all the flavours of a mojito – lime, mint and sugar - and mixes it with your favourite white wine (a more citrusy wine works best though - such as a sauvignon blanc - but any good quality white wine will be fine) with either soda or a good Italian style lemonade for added zing. Make sure to use super fresh mint, and plenty of it, to really get the taste buds going!

Tropical wine punch

If you’re looking for something more exotic that will serve a group of people, why not try a tropical punch! Punches are always great to serve for a crowd and a wine-based punch will make short work of making enough to go around. For a tropical vibe, mix a fruity, light white wine or rosé with soda or lemonade (in quantities to suit your party) and add a variety of tropical fruits and their juices. Fresh pineapple and mango are a great combination or how about grapefruit and orange with a dash of rum or raspberry liqueur to shake things up a bit. 

A red wine mule

You’ve heard of a Moscow mule, but how about a red wine mule? This drink is a fiery mix of a good punchy or full-bodied red wine, with vodka, lime and ginger beer. It sounds unusual, but it’s an amazing combination! Serve in copper mugs or in wine glasses and top with lime wedges and ice and this drink is bound to get your guests talking. 

Whatever cocktail you choose to serve, these drinks really showcase your favourite wines and will also use up any wine you might have leftover - if there is such a thing!



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