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MurmurBlock 星際區塊線
All the hitters in the field.Best quality content.Their vision is to hold 2% NFTs of total supply of every promising NFT projects. Grow Together. Generate great contents. Create valuable connections.
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is Not located itself as an Alpha group but golden.’BlockGang’ attained their invite link for a limit of 100 members only. Join Now: https://discord.com/invite/N4mz6rYk

All the hitters in the field. Best quality content.

Their vision is to hold at least 2% NFTs of total supply of every promising NFT projects.

Grow Together. Generate great contents and create valuable connections.

Full of Whitelist giveaways and free mints lottery.

Besides Discord, you can also follow their twitter
since a lot of giveaways are throwing here as well.

The community is vivid and full of DAO-spirit.They are not rushing to file any NFTs before ready.

Probably the visions and blueprints of all members would decide what the community and its NFTs goes. A member pass of PFP, any form is possible. Not yet declared. Just contribute to the community with great intros to other projects and analysis and be added to 2% list.

Getting a “2% list” tag(identity) in Discord means you are more than merely a 2% member. You can join the whitelist and free mint lottery every promising projects we found and cooperate.

2% lists are manually nominated & elected by our founding members and projects in cooperations. What’s more, you gained @=flash= identity at the same time, which means never miss notifications of any opening of locked discord channels.

When it comes to the founders and mods join the group, it’s definitely HUGE. All comes from Alpha groups and other great projects. We hold WL of some of the best projects such as Naopass, Big3, Zooverse, BBRC, Scavenger, GOTCHA GATCHA. Please join us.



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