Interesting facts about dinosaurs


Dinosaurs are the largest extinct creatures on our planet. Stories about dinosaurs are slowly popping up by scientists around the world.

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Dinosaurs are a very diverse group of animals belonging to the Dinosaur woman. They first appeared during the Triassic period (231.4 million years ago). And it was the most dominant vertebrate group for more than 135 million years until the end of the Cretaceous (66 million years ago).

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Interesting facts about dinosaurs

The word dinosaur comes from Greek and means scary lizard.

The word was coined by the British paleontologist Richard Owen in 1842. And it is used to refer to dinosaurs with impressive size rather than scary looks.

Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for more than 160 million years. About 230 million years ago from the Triassic to the Jurassic period. And until the end of the Cretaceous, about 65 million years ago.

The period from 250 million years ago to about 65 million years ago is known as the Mesozoic Era. It is often referred to as the Age of Terror. As most dinosaurs evolved and went extinct during this time.

Interesting facts about dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are believed to have lived on Earth until about 65 million years ago.

Then an event occurred that caused their extinction.

Scientists believe that the event that led to the extinction could have been an asteroid impact. Or due to the activity of the giant volcano. Events like this may have blocked sunlight. And it dramatically changed the Earth's ecology.

  • The first dinosaur officially named was Megalosaurus in 1824
  • The person who studies dinosaurs is called a paleontologist.
  • The largest dinosaurs, such as Brachiosaurus and Apatosaurus, were actually herbivores rather than carnivores.

To help fend off predators like Allosaurus or Spinosaurus, many plant-eating dinosaurs had natural weapons for self-defense. For example, the spines on the tail of Stegosaurus. And three horns in front of the head shield of Triceratops.

Pterodactyls are not dinosaurs

They are flying reptiles that lived in the age of the dinosaurs. But they are not of the same species by definition. The same is true for aquatic reptiles such as Plesiosaurs.

Birds are descendants of a species of dinosaur known as arthropods.

Although extinct long ago, dinosaurs are still regularly featured in the mass media. One of the most memorable examples of this is Michael Crichton's 1990 book Jurassic Park. It was made into a movie in 1993. The story is about cloned dinosaurs brought back to life with the help of DNA found in mosquitoes trapped in amber.

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