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隨機小故事 - 迷宮 (一)

Santa Claus has been planning to take over the North Pole for years. He has patiently waited for the elves to grow old and weak for his retribution. The time has come. Santa Claus and his naughty rag-tag army of elves, gnomes, fairies, dragons, candycane vampire elves, etc. now control the North Pole, but Santa knows that the North Pole can only remain his if he can conquer all of Kringle. To do this, Santa needs to take out two of his biggest competitors, the Easter Bunny and Jack Frost. Will you help Santa or fight back and help the elves?

You are Victor, a male Fairy crime boss in the world of Kringle. You've heard that the elves are fighting back against Santa's army and you want in on the action. You've heard that the elves are forming a resistance and have established a base in the Candy Forest just outside Santa's control.

You've also heard that the Elven King Ragnaroek is trying to maintain a neutral stance in the conflict, but is under pressure from both sides.

You head to elves base.

The Candy Forest is a beautiful place. It's filled with candy-themed creatures and though it is under the control of a brutal authoritarian government, it's not without its freedom.

You look for leader for elves.

A group of elves, dwarves, and other smaller folk rush past you frantically, heading away from the direction of the massacre. They are trying to get to the base of the mountain, but they will never make it.

You follow them.

You are really starting to hate this. You can barely move for the weight of the presents you are carrying. You hope Ragnaroek is doing alright.

You ask for help.

Gnomes are generally friendly folk, but they are wary of strangers.

"Hello!" you say.

The elves look up at you and blink. They look a bit surprised, but recover rather quickly.

You say "elves, can you help me to find the leader"

The elves are in a bit of a panic, but they quickly organize themselves. A female elf, obviously the leader, stands up and addresses you.

"No. We cannot allow that." she says.

You say "Do you know who can help"


The female elf crosses her arms.


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