Dear Leda,

I'd like to invite you to join me to attend the June 4 candlelight vigil tonight at the Victoria Park. I originally wanted to invite both you & Lexi, but Lexi will be taking her dance class then. So maybe only you go with me, if you want to.

I know that for years you have developed a strong sense of environmental protection. I also find that you recently become very keen on studying the world history and human tragedy, especially the WWII. These are all wonderful and it means that you're growing up with increasing knowledge of the world and deep concern with humanity. You know clearly that Human Being won't survive without people's taking care of each other and taking proper actions collectively - I'm so proud of you on this.

Do you know that today is the 30th anniversary of June 4, another human tragedy that happened much nearer us than the WWII? I think you ought to know it. The best opportunity to know it is by attending tonight's candlelight vigil. Today many people from different cities & countries are coming to HK for this event, because HK is the only place that is belonged to China and (still) allowed to do the commemorative activities. And over the past 3 decades, HK's June 4 candlelight vigil has been always the largest in the world. We are so lucky by living in HK, a city (still) with freedom. We shall cherish this precious freedom, and we shall especially cherish those people who've scarified their lives fighting for freedom – this is the point of our going to tonight's candlelight vigil tonight.

OK, Leda, I really wish you could join me tonight. Do you want to go???



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