我的自我 我是 siva 我來自印度,來到台灣攻讀機械工程碩士學位。 I am siva from india, came to taiwan to pursue Masters in Mechanical engineer.

The Quest of Devil (part-4) 惡魔的追求(第 4 部分)

The Story of Devil (魔鬼的故事)

When Raju and Harsha enter the room they see some invisible thing is beating Siva, when they try to save him something will push them back, then Harsha will get scared and runs out to escape from the house but the devil will chase him and hold his neck and lift him against the wall, by seeing that Raju will run into the Uncleaned room to hide. Devil will leave Harsha and it will go to search for Raju to the uncleaned room, Siva will come to Harsha and ask him what’s happening here, Harsha will tell Siva that they want to plan to scare Siva but here something is happening,

meanwhile, the devil finds Raju in cardboard and drags him out, and throws him on the bed.

He flips on the bed and shouts on the devil“Who the hell are you, why you beating use” by listening to this siva and Harsha will come to the uncleaned room to see Raju. After entering the room.

Harsha: who are you, what's your intention

Siva: What's your problem with our love??

Harsha: What’s your problem?

Devil:  Man seeks medicine for injury if the injury to the heart seeks death.

Three at a time: Can tell us clearly?

Devil: Same as you. I also loved Mounika madly... which I can't say in words.......

The devil starts telling his story about how much he loved his girlfriend which showed in a song. After finishing the story Devil: After finishing my masters, getting a job, and living happily with my Mounika... But, Due to unforeseen circumstances ... she could not persuade them in her house and got married to someone else… I say with the quest that you should not be like me. do not love anyone madly...

Siva: We lose so much in life

Even though our partner is the one who will be with us to the end of our lives, our parents are the one who teaches us, love, emotions, and all along. we can't find love beyond their love anywhere in this world.

Raju: Not only you, many guys think the love of their loved ones is greater

Harsha: everyone cares about the girl they love and leaves their parents alone

Siva: At least when you are dying, have you ever wondered what would happen to your parents who were hoping for you, if you had thought, then your life would have been the indifferent way.Devil: I fell into the magic of love and thought she is my life

but never thought about my parents who raised me.

Siva: Even now, realize parents' love is greater than any other love.

Get the way to heaven.

By listening to the words of the devil realizes his mistake and leaves the place.


Final Quotation of the Film

Failing in love does not mean that life has ended

Your parents, your brothers, your sisters, your friends and

many other people consider you as their life.


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