我的自我 我是 siva 我來自印度,來到台灣攻讀機械工程碩士學位。 I am siva from india, came to taiwan to pursue Masters in Mechanical engineer.

惡魔的請求 The Quest of the devil

濕婆來台灣後發生了什麼(第二部分) What Happened after Siva arrived in Taiwan (Part 2)

Raju和Harsha很高興,因為他最好的朋友Siva要和他們一起來台灣唸碩士。 這一天Siva打電話給Harsha,告訴他們他要來台灣的消息,因為Harsha與Raju待在一起,於是他們就一起聊了Siva來台後的計劃。。 Raju 說:“快點,我們也租了新公寓,這樣你到台灣後我們可以一起搖滾了”。 Siva 說:“我來了之後,我會讓你見識到地獄”。

Raju:我們在讀印度讀大學的時候,Siva 對我們非常苛刻,現在是我們報仇的時候了。

Harsha:對啊,讓我們做點什麼來嚇他。 我支持你。

一個月後,Raju 和 Harsh 在Siva抵達台灣前一天搬進了新公寓。


Raju 和 Harsha 去開了門,並且給他一個歡迎的擁抱,他們互開彼此的玩笑。 一段時間後


Harsha:來吧,因為我們昨天剛來,你的房間還沒有打掃乾淨。 所以,我把你的行李放在我的房間裡


當他和他的女朋友說話時,他聽到了一些神秘的聲音。 但當他問他的女朋友時,她說“她什麼也聽不見”。



他洗完澡然後就去睡覺。 當他要睡著時,他覺得有人在拉他的棉被,但因為他很累,於是他就睡著


當他在廚房做飯時,他又感覺到有人從牆後看著他。 但是當他回頭時,他什麼也沒看到。 於是他繼續

做飯。 過了一段時間,他突然往後轉,他再次感覺到有人在接近他,他嚇得從睡夢中驚醒。 (他才知


當 Siva 醒來時,正在一旁用筆電做作業的Harsha轉頭看著他。





第 3 部分


Raju and Harsha were very happy because his best friend Siva is coming to Taiwan to pursue a master's along with them. One day Siva called Harsha to talk about the updates of arrival in Taiwan, by that time Raju is also with Harsha so, they 3 will talk about the plans after Siva arrived in Taiwan. Raju says “ Come fast, we have to rent a new flat, we can rock after you arrived in Taiwan”. Siva will say “I will show you hell after I came there”.

After they hang the call Raju tells Harsha

Raju: when we are studying Bachelors's, Siva ragged us so much, now it’s our time to take revenge.

Harsha: Yes, let's do something to scare him. I am with you.

After one Month Raju and Harsh will move to the new flat, one day before the Siva arrive in Taiwan

Raju and Harsha were getting ready to go to university. Siva will arrive home from the airport.

Raju and Harsha will go and open the door and give him a welcome hug and they make fun of each other. After sometime

Raju: okay dude, it’s getting late we have to go to university.

Harsha: Come, as we came just yesterday your room is not yet cleaned. so, let’s keep your luggage in my room.

Raju and Harsha will go to university, siva will look around the house, when he is about to enter his room to check how it is, his Girlfriend calls him.

While he is talking to his girlfriend he listens to some mysterious sounds. But when he asks his girlfriend, she says “she ears nothing”.

So without giving much attention to the sounds, he leaves the room and goes to shower.

While he is taking bath so feels someone is around him, but nothing will be when he turns back.

He will finish the shower and he goes to sleep. While he is trying to sleep he feels like someone is pulling his blanket, but because he is so tired and sleepy he goes to sleep without giving any attention to it.

When he was cooking food in the kitchen he again feels someone watching him from behind the wall. But when he turns back he didn’t find anything. So he continues cooking. After some time he again feels someone is approaching him when he suddenly turns back he gets scared and wakeup from his sleep. (He comes to know that it was a dream)

By the time Siva wakeup. Harsha was doing some work on his laptop beside him. By seeing Siva.

Harsha: what happened?

Siva: Nothing, just a bad dream:

Harsha: Okay, get ready let us go out.

Then they all will go out and bring some stuff for night drinking. 

Part 3

Is something real there in that house?


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