Why did he call them bobblehead dolls

Want to make your wedding cake unique? Do you want to make your child's birthday cake special? Want to make your mom and dad's anniversary cake a memorable one? A unique handmade cheap custom bobbleheads will be your best choice.

Why did he call them bobblehead dolls? They are small toy figures with big heads. The spring connects the head to the body. The body is usually mounted on a wide, sturdy base. Your head will shake with just a touch.

It may sound new, but it's true that bobblehead dolls are used as cake toppers. In fact, to this day, bobblehead dolls are considered the best cake topper. The use of bobblehead dolls as cake decorations is very popular all over the world. In addition, you can customize them for a variety of purposes. These can also be created according to the needs of the person. As a result, a new such design is created to make it more special.

1. Bobblehead doll used as a wedding cake topper

If you are planning a marriage, you can create a bobblehead doll as a decoration for your wedding cake and give the cake a unique look. This removes the monotony of the usual cake decoration design for wedding celebrations.

How to customize a bobblehead doll? Simply send your photo and your partner's photo to your custom bobblehead maker. You can find a reputable manufacturer of custom bobblehead dolls online. In this way, the bobblehead doll maker designs wedding suit figures. Also, as a cake topper, the length of the bobblehead doll should not exceed 7-8 inches. This is to ensure that the bobblehead doll fits perfectly on top of the wedding cake.

Using a bobblehead doll as a wedding cake topper can save you a lot of money. A set of personalized cake toppers for a wedding occasion costs about $ 800 to $ 1600. This does not include additional shipping and delivery costs. With a bobblehead doll, you can only spend a small portion of this amount. In addition to the savings you get, your wedding should be unforgettable thanks to these cute bobblehead dolls.

2. Bobblehead doll used as a decoration for children's birthday cakes

Use the bobblehead doll as a birthday cake topper. Birthdays will never be the same.

For your child's birthday, the doll's head is a perfect decoration for the cake. To celebrate your child's birthday, you can order a personalized bobblehead doll to suit your child's tastes. You can also order other figures to complete the cake decoration.

After the birthday, children can use the bobblehead doll as a toy or display it for fun.

3. Bobblehead doll used as a cake topper for parents' anniversary

Want to make your parents' wedding anniversary cake unforgettable? Personalizing a bobblehead doll as a cake topper is definitely a special gift.

Send your parents' favorite styles and the most striking photos to a custom bobblehead maker. They customize their dolls for your parents. This is absolutely unique.

Tips for using bobblehead dolls as cake toppers

If you want to use the bobblehead doll as a cake topper, you need to order a personalized item one month before the actual celebration. If you are ordering a complete add-on set consisting of multiple characters and figures, we recommend a longer delivery time.

Creating a custom bobblehead doll takes time. This is to sculpt the items ordered by the manufacturer individually. They also contact you to make sure you are happy with the design. After the final approval is obtained, the bobblehead doll maker will start creating your professional order.

Therefore, to avoid the hassle, order the cake topper bobblehead doll long before the scheduled opportunity.


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