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5 Great Ideas Responsive Web Design Benefits Your SEO


The consistent development in the web design industry ends up an individual with a number of benefits. To enjoy these benefits, it is crucial to walk with trends, and one of them is responsive web designs, giving an edge to the industry with their irresistible features. 2021 predictions clarify that rather than flooding your website with futile elements, it will be beneficial to focus on the major concerns, i.e. web design, responsive website designs. They majorly leverage SEO and end up the marketers with many benefits they always endeavour to achieve.

The majority of business owners may be unaware of the SEO benefits of using responsive design. If you’re also one of them, pay attention to the below-listed points as here we have gone through the points showing how responsive web designs can add more to the SEO performance of the website. Being the best SEO in Melbourne, you must know how responsive web designs breathing life into the SEO world.

Enhanced User Experience

The most appealing benefit of using responsive website design is the flexibility to fit into any device’s screen size. It provides a seamless experience to users while taking a tour of the website. Users can conveniently access the content from such websites without resizing. Today, Google considers the user experience a crucial SEO ranking factor, and responsive web designs help you achieve it.

Google Appreciates It

Google has already favoured responsive web design because it allows Google to stick to its clean link structure and high-quality content standards. Such flexible web design featured a single URL and equipped with the same HTML codes. As a result, it makes it easier for Google to perform several actions such as crawling, indexing, and content organisation and give a reason to the IT giant to rank your website.

Improved Site Usability

Google considered the “time on page” as an essential factor to determine the site’s value. If a user finds it difficult to navigate on your site, they will leave your site. Talking about the responsive web designs, it offers improved website navigation which adds to the user experience and leads the user to spend time on the page. Google rewards such a website increasing the site usability that not only satisfies the user but also results in improved search engine rankings.

Faster Page Speed

Page loading time is also a crucial SEO ranking factor. Websites equipped with responsive web designs load faster on every device, whether desktop, smart devices, or mobile devices. Google prioritises the fast-loading sites to rank in search results, and responsive web designs can help you do so as they load faster.

Decreased Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the term to describe how quickly your visitors leave your website. Google also considers the bounce rate of the website for SEO ranking. When a visitor leaves your site, Google interprets this behaviour as a signal that the user doesn’t find the relevant content on your website matching their search needs. This user behaviour adds to the bounce rate and negatively impacts your Google search engine rankings.

Content doesn’t mean only with the text. It could also be a design that needs to magnificent enough to don’t let the user leave the site soon. A mobile responsive website displays the relevant content to the user, even on a mobile or other smart devices. When a user encounters a clean and undistracted environment on the website, they won’t leave your site, hence increases the bounce rate and further improves your SEO rankings.

Wrapping Things Up

The use of responsive web designs benefits SEO in several ways. Even it is always advised pre-planning your mobile responsive web design is an excellent practice to make your site more impactful on search engine rankings. Such a move help you to achieve your SEO goals!


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