Professional Office 365 Backup Solution

Professional Office 365 Backup Solution

No one wants to risk the data and not have extra time for manual backup. Thus, for excellent and accurate Office 365 Backup, a Professional third-party tool is a must. Office 365 Backup Emails and Restore software is the most suitable Backup Office 365 emails to PST files. The best O365 Cloud Backup Solutions come with a user-friendly GUI, and it is embedded with several user-centric features. Apps4Rent is an ideal solution for a simple, fast, and accurate backup. Have a look, at what Apps4Rent facilitates:

  • The best Office 365 Backup and Restore smoothly backups the Office 365 mailboxes into PST format. Due to its user-friendly GUI, running it is an effortless task, and any novice user can efficiently perform this.
  • It provides the entire backup of User Mailboxes, Archive Mailboxes, Public Folders, etc.
  • Apps4Rent's Office 365 Backup Solution provides the option for Periodic Scheduled Backup Jobs. Users can select options like Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. With this choice, the user will get rid of remembering the timely backup.
  • The software provides an adequate filter option based on “Date” and “Items.” By this, users can get rid of undesirable data.
  • An Advanced option for full and incremental backup is also available in the Apps4Rent Office 365 Backup Emails Solution. Their Service comes in handy when the user takes back up again, and then only data that is raised during the last process will be backed up. It controls the duplicity of the data.
  • It moves with the Job-based backup process, there is no need to create connections all time, and a one-time relationship is enough to run jobs.
  • The software works together, and it can smoothly run numerous jobs at a time.
  • The option to revive the backup file to Office 365 Mailboxes is also given. If the user wants to read emails, there is no requirement to go through the restoring process.
  • In the end, the software even generates the status report of the complete process. Here, you can also save the information for future reference.


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