How much did you make in bitcoin trading?


The money-making examples shared in this answer are very inducing, including today (May 9, 2021), Shib increased by 4 times a day and 30 times a month, which ignited the coin circle again after Dogecoin. The richest man, Musk, called out that everyone's heart to invest in digital currency is already ready to move. But what I want to say is, before you enter the market, please first abandon the unprovoked illusion that "if I buy xx coins at xx time point is now hundreds of times", "buying xx now is the next xx", this Emotions will only make you enter the market impulsively and forget about risks, and investment will lose money once you forget about risks. It is true that there are people who have made countless wealth in this market and completed their life leapfrogging. These stories are spread by word of mouth every day, but, more often, countless people have left the market with a loss, but they have remained silent. . This article is written for newcomers who have just entered the investment market. If you plan to enter the market, please read it repeatedly. 1. What you will enter is a 24-hour open trading, you can go long and short at any time, any leverage contract, many temptations, extremely risky cryptocurrency investment market, there is no strict policy supervision and protection, there is no limit on the limit, and even Some project parties issue coins on exchanges just to circulate money. 2. Please understand that what you invest in is the blockchain technology anchored behind the cryptocurrency. Like Internet technology, it is likely to become the mainstream in the next 5-10 years. Blockchain technology does have incomparable advantages over traditional technologies in some respects, and is especially suitable for the financial sector, but we also need to see its shortcomings, and don't be dazzled by market sentiment. 3. To be clear, the cryptocurrency we invest in is just a single token applied in a certain scenario based on blockchain technology, and does not represent the entire blockchain. In the future, blockchain technology may develop greatly, but maybe at that time, there will be better technical theories, more popular economic models, and better quality projects, and the tokens you hold now will be the project at that time The presence or absence is not certain. 4. According to statistics, the 3-year mortality rate of blockchain projects is above 92%, that is, less than 8% of the projects can survive the 3-year cycle, and of these 8%, only the top Buy at the right time and at the very right price, and regardless of the bull market or bear market, it has fallen by 90% or increased by 2 times or 3 times. Never abandon or give up, hold firmly, and finally it will be possible for us to see a hundredfold gain. This, most of the time has no relationship with ordinary people. (Note: If you bought the top 20 cryptocurrencies in the 2017 bull market and held them until the current bull market in 2021, there are only 6 paybacks, and 2 have more than 3 times the return. This round Bull market, in the top 20 rankings, 13 of the top 20 in the last bull market fell out of the rankings) 5. Therefore, investing in cryptocurrency is a positive mentality, investment is not speculation, learn first, and then use cognition to realize , Try to find deterministic opportunities in the market. Finally, I would like to give you the iron rule of investment: "Buy is not rushed, sell is not greedy, stop loss and not drag, varieties will not be scattered, never be dissatisfied, and follow the trend." I will talk about so much today, and see other answers when I have time.


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