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How To Be Comfortable and Stylish

High fashion ensembles are often stereotyped as uncomfortable and impractical. For example, many of us have a stunning pair of shoes that look incredible but leave some top-tier blisters. We are often told that "beauty is pain"; however, this rhetoric is outdated, unreasonable and potentially harmful. Why shouldn't you be able to express your fashion sensibilities in complete comfort?

Beauty Maintenance

Most of us lead busy lives - juggling a career, family, social life, and hobbies leaves little time for self-care. Many view their appearance as a priority, which is often easier said than done if you're the type to value that extra hour in bed rather than rising early to compile the perfect outfit and do a full face of makeup. Fortunately, there are ways of looking your best with minimal effort. 

Assigning time for self-care is valuable for both physical and mental well-being. An afternoon, evening, or just 20 minutes spent doing something that makes you feel good can do wonders. A simple skincare routine before you go to bed can keep your skin glowing and leave you feeling refreshed and pampered - it may even help you unwind, leading to an improved quality of sleep. 

While you may not have time to spend in front of the mirror, plucking and preening, an occasional trip to the spa or salon will help you feel fresh and revitalised. You could cut out time-consuming portions of your makeup routine by getting subtle lash infills or an eyebrow tint. Can't be bothered to shave your legs? Treat yourself to a sugaring hair removal treatment, or simply don't - your body, your choice. 

Outfit Options 

If you find the daily task of constructing outfits somewhat overwhelming, a good clearout will blow away the cobwebs and put things into perspective. Pull everything out of your wardrobe and arrange your items into three categories:

  • Keep - items you love and wear regularly.
  • Donate/sell - items you don't wear or don't enjoy wearing.
  • 30-Day Rule - keep any items you're unsure about for 30 days; if you haven't worn them in that time frame, donate or sell.

Consider curating a capsule wardrobe - a selection of complementary interchangeable clothing pieces enabling you to create low-effort chic outfits. If, however, you favour your unique statement pieces or the exuberant concept of maximalism, try and stick with garments that bring you joy. 

Comfortable high fashion may seem contradictory, but many high-end pieces are designed with comfort in mind. True, you could wear a pair of sky-high Louboutin heels, or you could opt for a pair of equally opulent Chloe Slides or Golden Goose sneakers. Suppose you're running errands or meeting a friend for coffee. In this case, a designer activewear co-ord styled with an oversized long-line cardigan and platform kicks is the perfect thrown-together outfit - great for feeling like you're wearing pyjamas but looking as though you've put real thought into your ensemble.

Many fashion gurus speak of the power of layering - a foolproof formula for looking chic and composed, even when running on the least amount of sleep possible. An all-purpose lightweight trench coat or duster is trans-seasonal, versatile and will look stylish, layered over a wide variety of outfits. A few choice accessories, such as a simple gold or silver necklace and matching earrings, are always effective for completing an ensemble. If you're not much of a jewellery-wearer, a statement scarf or pashmina will help to tie your outfit together.

Harness Your Individuality

Comfort on a physical level is one thing; being comfortable in your own skin is something else entirely. Above all, allow your unique personality to shine through by embracing your style. A world in which we all look the same would be exceptionally dull, so why not take a chance and wear clothes that make you happy? Donning an outfit you genuinely want to wear will automatically boost your confidence and make you feel fantastic.

If you're finding it challenging to pinpoint an aesthetic that works for you, consider making a mood board. By using sites such as Pinterest, you can assemble a scrapbook-like collection of outfit ideas and inspiration. 



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