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How can I instantly fix or resolve Linksys Router keeps disconnecting?

There are millions of Linksys Routers users across the world. This huge and amazing fanbase is just because of its top-notch services. Yet it is true that even Linksys is not immune from the different technical problems as Linksys Router keeps disconnecting. Now, in case you are stuck with the same issue, then surely you must go through this blog carefully and then find out the ways to resolve and troubleshoot the issues without any fuss or chaos.

What could be the possible reasons behind the emergence of the Linksys Router keeps disconnecting?

There are different reasons behind the occurrence of Linksys Router keeps disconnecting. And to fix this issue, you are supposed to follow and apply the steps and instructions that are explained here.

  • Intervention from any other devices
  • Low-quality signal
  • Issues related to firmware

Once you do know the reason, hopefully, finding out the solutions wouldn't be that difficult for you. Now, to fix such an issue, you must simply check out the below-mentioned steps and instructions, which will help you to troubleshoot all your problems without any fuss.

Firstly, you must fix Linksys wifi keeps disconnecting issues

Usually dropping of the internet usually occurs when there is a weak wireless signal. Now, this could be from the end of your ISP as well. So, it is important that just before you do seek a solution, you must contact your internet service provider and then make sure that there is no problem at all.

Secondly, you should try to reboot your network devices instantly

Rebooting resolves all your problems. So, it would be great if you do turn off your Linksys extender or router, or modem and then simply unplug the power cable. Now, you must leave all your devices in rest mode for some time. And then thereafter, you must again plug in the power cables of all the devices and then simply turn them on.

Once you are done, you should try to connect your Pc or smartphone to your Linksys extender. Once you do this, it mostly resolves all your troubles.

Now, try to move the extender closer to the router

This is, again, a different way to resolve this error. In case your extender is not in range of your wifi router, the internet will keep on disconnecting. However, when you do move the extender closer to the router, resolving the error becomes extremely easier.

You should avoid any kind of physical obstructions or intervention

It is possible that the frequency of your wifi extender could be interrupted in case there is the presence of any physical obstructions or wifi, which is causing the devices which are placed near your extender or router. Now, you can place your extender free of obstructions.

Along with the above-stated steps, you must also update your Linksys router and change the wireless channel to resolve the Linksys router keeps disconnecting.


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