Full-time enthusiast! LikeCoin validator: About me:

Glad to join LikeCoin as a Validator!

Let's build decentralized media, together!

Hello, friends!
My name is Vladimir, and I'm full-time enthusiast)

I'm interesting in the blockchain and the process of decentralization. Also, I draw, sing songs, write poetry and create video-content!
Not so long time ago, I was joining LikeCoin as a validator, and I want to bring to the Network not only security, but also some other digital values!

About my contributions to LikeCoin, that are already done:

- I'm a validator of LikeCoin with name POSTHUMAN: - my uptime is 100%, and my commission is only 10%, and I don't plan to increase it! Also, in case I will be slashed - I will refund all my delegators, from my own funds!

- We implemented $LIKE to the Sputnik Navigation System: - now users of Telegram can get an actual price of $LIKE in one click! And not only to $, but also for pairs with 23 other coins from the Cosmos Ecosystem, Solana and Mina Protocol

- We lunched russian-speaking community of LikeCoin in Telegram. It's not so big for now, but already 39 members there! If you know russian-language - join us:

- We implemented $LIKE to the Sputnik Network: and - now users can send and receive tips with $LIKE directly in Telegram and Twitter without any fees! Here is a video-guide, how to use Sputnik:
And also, users of Telegram can p2p-exchange $LIKE (create orders to sell, or buy orders of other users) directly in Telegram with 14 other coins from the Cosmos Ecosystem: $ATOM, $OSMO, $XPRT, $KAVA, $USDX, $HARD, $SCRT, $IOV, $AKT, $DVPN, $FET, $ROWAN, $XKI and $CTK

This is just the beginning, and I will try to bring to the Network and Community as much value, as it possible, and of course I always will be glad, if project and community will support me as well ;)

In my future plans - participate in the project as validator and as a part of community, and build better connections between LikeCoin and other projects from the Cosmos Ecosystem, especially with decentralized media projects like Stargaze and OmniFlix Network!

If you have any questions - feel free to ask me! I will glad to tell more about myself, and know more about you. Blockchain is not the only one that is interesting to me, and if you are interested in art, science, love, robots, hi-tech, tattoos, music, AI, posthumanism, immortality and cosmism - we will always find subject for conversation)

Let's build decentralized media, together!


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