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2012/2/24, @市長官邸沙龍


For me, Don Melchor, VSC and Sena are the best. Los Boldos is the best buy.

Lapostolle Clos Apalta 2005

Medium+ ruby. Raspberry, jammy and fruity. Some Eucalyptus nose, hazelnut, medicine powder, light violet, vanilla, and cream. Coconut butter.

Medium+ tannin. Licorice, black berry. The palate is quite consistent to the nose. Medium-high acidity, especially on the tip.

Almaviva 2005

Medium+ garnet with ruby hue. Very Chile style at the beginning, but changes after 2 hrs. Coffee, eucalyptus, green pepper, black currant, black cherry jam, sugarcane note, light fruit candy, bouquet. Compare to Clos Apalta, this one is lighter in nose, and has a bit sweet and floral nose.

The palate is also consistent to the nose, black currant, eucalyptus, and some raw peanuts.

Montes Purple Angel 2006

Medium+ ruby. Very Camenere style. Licorice, grass, mandarin medicine, fur, black currant and leather.

Full body, with strong tannin. Licorice and leather, those camenere flavors are predominant the palate.

Montes Alpha M 1998

Medium+ garnet. More wood and licorice style, compare to Don Melchor. Pickled squash, light mint, old wood, burned wood, old leather, wet fur, light creamy butter note.

The palate is also wood style, with licorice note. Medium+ tannin, medium+ length (but not so lingering as Don Melchor).

Concha y Toro Don Melchor 1998

Medium+ garnet, light brick hue. Mint, pickled plum, pickled squash, leather, coffee, ink.

High tannin, matured and velvet, personally think can be kept for at least 3 yrs. Leather, chocolate, licorice, pickled plum, coffee bean, ink. Light fruity note at the lingering end. Medium+ acidity.

Los Boldos Grand Cru 2005

Medium+ ruby. The most non-Chile style tonight. Sugarcane, bouquet, eucalyptus, chocolate, anise, cinnamon, clove, fennel, pickled & sour vegetable.

High tannin and high acidity. Black berry, black currant, licorice, leather. Its palate is not as strong as others, but still outstanding. Must a good deal stuff.

VSC 2007

Medium-deep ruby. The most Chile style at the beginning, but very brilliant after the green nose disappears. Black currant, green pepper, eucalyptus, bouquet. After fully breaths, black berry, dark fruits, chocolate, lots of bouquet, cinnamon, clove, spices, white pepper, baked cookie, plastic gum, light smoky cigarette.

medium+ tannin, velvet. Medium+ acidity and body. White pepper, green pepper hint, dark fruits, bouquet and licorice.

Errazuriz Sena 2007

Medium+ ruby. Light apple hint, light walnut, bouquet, sweeten red decorative cherry on the cake.

High tannin, medium-high acidity. Cigar, wood, leather, black berry.


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