what does bendejo in spanish mean

The expression "bendejo" is a disparaging word utilized in Spanish to portray individuals who are idiotic or silly. what does bendejo in spanish mean

What is going on with Bendejo?

Bendigo is a Spanish word which means daring.

Does Bendejo mean in Mexican?

Indeed, Bendejo is a Mexican word signifying "defeatist.

What is Bandajo?

Bandajo is a term in the Filipino language that means "a youthful, unmarried female..

What is Ben Da Ho mean?

Ben Da Ho is a Vietnamese articulation that means "older sibling.

What do you mean by brother in Spanish the shoptalk?

"Brother" in Spanish, "brother" is deciphered as "hermano", and that signifies "sibling".

What is going on with paisa in Mexican?

Paisa is a term that is utilized to allude to Mexican Spanish to allude to a measure of cash. The term comes from the expression "peso", which is the authority name of Mexico's money.

What do you suppose OILO alludes to in Spanish the Spanish language?

In the Spanish language "OILO" means "Gracious I love you!"

What is going on with these in the shoptalk?

Ese is a Spanish word which signifies "that one." In the shoptalk world, ese can be utilized to portray any individual who is upscale and extreme. It can likewise allude to somebody who is up-to-date, extreme or.

What does "bud" mean in Spanish?

"Buddy" is a word that is utilized in Spanish that shares a comparative significance to the English word "brother." It is generally used to depict male colleagues or companions.

What is the appropriate word for the closest companion in Spanish?

The word used to portray your closest companion in Spanish"amigo" is "amigo.

How would you express no in Spanish?

"No" is an interpretation of "no" in Spanish. It could likewise convert into "not" or "probably not".

What does que onda mean?

Que Onda is a Mexican Spanish articulation that is typically used to welcome somebody or to ask with regards to what somebody's doing. It can mean "what's happening?" or "what's happening?"

What are some shoptalk terms in Spanish?

There are various expressions that are shoptalk in Spanish nonetheless, here are the absolute most notable ones: * "Pendejo" - This is one of the words that can be utilized to allude to individuals who are idiotic or aggravating.


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