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Joan Baez - Diamonds and Rust 鑽石與鐵鏽

之前看到一個很喜歡 Bob Dylan 的朋友去紐約旅遊經過華盛頓廣場打卡 po 了一段這首歌的歌詞,我只能說,這首歌簡直把遇上那種陰魂不散的浪子的無奈與心塞描繪得好細膩與貼切,人生中總有那麼些時候,當你以為你終於可以 over 一個人了,不會一顆心為他起起伏伏了,眼不見為淨了,他卻又出現了,目的不明,可能是來刷個存在感,或是來打探你還在不在意他,當他一出現,說了一些意味不明的話語,你整個人又感覺不好了,又開始回憶起從前他是如何 "so good with words and at keeping thing vague",It's all come back to clearly...

Dylan 當時看到這首歌發表後還跑去探 Baez 歌曲寫的是不是關於他,嘖嘖,藝術家都這麼謎之自信 & 自我中心嗎??連這一點點便宜都要佔,Baez 不爽,就故意說你想太多了,我是在寫我丈夫...

很喜歡這則 youtube 評論,用字有夠精準,把那種又堵又惆悵的心情說得好貼切...

Besides being utterly beautiful, "Diamonds and Rust" is among the most haunting, nakedly honest autobiographical songs ever recorded. Most of us have had the experience at one time or another of having an old lover suddenly appear out of nowhere, leaving us feeling, for a time at least, shattered, confused, and conflicted. But no one I can think of has ever captured that experience better than Baez did in this song. It also nails the vibe of New York City on a cold autumn day. This is poetry/songwriting at its very best.

Joan Baez - Diamond And Rust

Well , I'll be damned 哇靠,我像被詛咒般
Here comes your ghost again 你陰魂不散地又來了!
But that's not unusual 也沒多不尋常啦~
It's just that the moon is full and you happened to call 只是剛巧滿月時分,你就心血來潮地打電話來

And here I sit, hand on the telephone 我呆坐著,手執著電話筒
Hearing a voice I'd known a couple of light years ago 一聽到你那熟悉的聲音從多少億光年之遙傳來
Heading straight for a fall 我又一頭栽進那些回憶裡…

As I remember your eyes 依稀還記得你的眼睛
were bluer than robin's eggs 比知更鳥蛋還藍(Tiffany Blue 第凡內藍)
My poetry was lousy, you said 也記得你曾批評過我寫的詩爛透了(首先想起的是:你迷人的眼、傷人的嘴)
" Where were you calling from? "你在哪裡打電話?
" A booth in the Midwest " 中西部的一個電話亭!

Ten years ago I bought you some cufflinks 也還記得十年前我曾買過袖扣送你
You brought me something 你也送了我些東西(多年來彼此都有付出,但是…)
We both know what memories can bring 但我們都知道回憶能給我們些甚麼東西?
They bring diamond and rust 就是給了我們閃亮如鑽石與灰暗如鐵鏽般,(珍貴與不值、好壞參半)的回憶

Well, you burst on the scene were already a legend 哦,你的驟然成名已成了傳奇
The unwatched phenomenon 一個讓人無法逼視的現象
The original vagabond you strayed into my arms 流浪的你曾經停泊到我的臂彎

And there you stayed temporarily lost at sea 你暫時的停泊又迷航大海
The Madonna was yours for free 我就像你的聖母瑪利亞一樣
Yes, the girl on the half shell 喔,應該說是那個大海中的愛神維納斯
Could keep you unharmed 來愛護你!

Now I see you standing with brown leaves falling all around, Snow in your hair, 如今見你佇立在落葉紛飛之中,白雪覆上鬢髮
Now you're smiling out the window of that crummy hotel over Washington Square 你的笑顏透過紐約的華盛頓廣場小酒店的窗外
Our breath comes out white cloud mingles and hangs in the air 我們呵氣成霧,凝結在寒冷的空氣中
Speaking strictly for me,We both could've died then and there 對我來說那一刻的氣氛凝重,我倆就都該死心了!

Now you're telling me you're not nostalgic 現在你在電話中告訴我:你並不是耽念舊情!
Then give me another word for it 那麼你給我一個形容詞來解釋一下?
You who're so good with words and at keeping thing vague 你不就是善於賣弄文詞又那麼會搞模糊曖昧

Cause I need some of that vagueness now 正好我現在需要一些模糊
It's all come back too clearly 因為那些往事歷歷,太清楚了!
Yes, I loved you dearly 是的,我愛過你,親愛的
And if you're offering me diamonds and rust 但如果你還要我再嚐嚐甚麼是 “ 鑽石與鐵鏽 “ 的滋味?
I've already paid 那我早已經領教過了!






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