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Successful Tips & Tricks To Hire Developers In India

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Here, we are sharing tips, tricks, and cues to ensure that you hire the “right” developer for your businesses:

Hire full-time developers for Business

Businesses might find it difficult to hire the best developers considering budget constraints and other limitations that come with working in a business. Those business that are able to afford full-time developers must keep the following points in mind.

a) It is essential for developers to have a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals and develop the ability to adapt to new technologies. If basics such as C, C++, OOPS, Data Structures, Database, are strong, it is easier for them to adapt to new technologies.

b) Tech is fast evolving and hence it is essential for developers to be well versed with new technologies- virtual reality, blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, GIS, IOT, SCALA, among others.

c) When you want to hire developers for businesses, it is essential to find developers who have clarity of thought, are eager to learn and grow, and are enthusiastic about problem-solving.

Things to keep in mind while hiring developers

1) Give them an actual technical test

By giving them a real problem to solve, you are letting the developer know what kind of problems and projects they could expect. This would give you a better idea about their capabilities and competency. Pick an actual tech issue that your business had faced in the past and see how the candidate solves it.

2) Conduct job-specific interviews, not unstructured

According to a report in the Harvard Business Review, standardized interviews are more focused and have an impact on business knowledge and skills assessment compared to organic interviews. Hence, it is important to prepare specific questions for a specific job role.

3) Have two or more experts interview the candidate

Diversity is a keyword in recruitment processes. Another keyword is ‘bias’. Today, organizations want to ensure they are inclusive and have a diverse workforce. Let’s face it. Our personal biases and preferences – of gender, personal background, and more- are likely to seep into the process, unconsciously. Hence, it is important for at least one more person to interview the candidate.

4) Don’t undervalue communication skills

It is okay for large teams to have developers that lack communication skills. But when you want to hire developers for businesses, the need is different. business cannot afford to have employees that do not talk about the issues, problems, and details about any aspect of their work. Communication is as important for a developer as his or her coding skills are.

5) Focus on the skills, rather than the resume.

Let’s face it. Recruiters have often made hiring mistakes when focusing on the resume. A candidate might have a great resume but that could be misleading. He or she might not have the competency to tackle technology needs specific to your company.


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