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LikeCoin chain Proposal #4 - Direct democracy by stakeholders


When LikeCoin chain was first launched in Nov 15 2019, the endorsement by Likers is reflected by delegation. Validators will have the right to raise a proposal and vote on behalf of the delegators.

Now that LikeCoin chain has been up and running smoothly for over 10 months, we believe it is the right timing to empower the individuals for allowing LikeCoin stakeholders to raise proposal and vote on their own.


  • allow individual LikeCoin stakeholders to raise proposal
  • allow individual LikeCoin stakeholders to vote. If one does vote, her/his stance will override that of the delegated validator(s)

Expected results

If the proposal is passed:

  1. LikeCoin chain will be more decentralized, more open.
  2. expected to empower individuals and be a step forward to democracy
  3. expected to lessen the pressure of validators who may not be able to understand every single proposal


drafted by @Nicholas on 2020.09.20 in Hong Kong.


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