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Community Delegation Application by moonbeam

Hello everyone. In this article I want to describe all contributions moonbeam validator did in this month for LikeCoin chain and it's community.


  1. Restake app

  2. Github guide

  3. IBC relayer

Restake app

Since August 2023, moonbeam validator has been the operator for the LikeCoin network. With the help of this app, LIKE delegators get access to an automated restake of their tokens, thereby earning more with the help of a compound percentage. Delegator rewards will be distributed every hour, and moonbeam validator takes care of all the costs of the restake transactions. LINK:

Github guide

We have also prepared two convenient step-by-step guides for you on github so that you can install and synchronize your own nodes in the mainnet and testnet of the LikeCoin Network. Synchronization takes place using the state sync service, which we also provide.

IBC relayer

Now we provide IBC service, ensuring greater fault tolerance and processing speed of the LikeCoin Mainnet - Osmosis Mainnet bridge
LikeCoin IBC relayer address: like17gv2mx7z6jjyt8h30ham6tmfg7qsa3rw664qfs
Osmosis IBC relayer address: osmo17gv2mx7z6jjyt8h30ham6tmfg7qsa3rwpa6jue

Thank you for reading and evaluating this article. We look forward to continuing our cooperation with LikeCoin!


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