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Community pool spend proposal: Pool incentives on Osmosis

Proposal Description:

This is a community pool spend proposal to allocate 15,000,000 LIKE for ATOM/LIKE and LIKE/OSMO pools on Osmosis to be paid by the LikeCoin community pool. The main goal of this proposal is to attract new LikeCoin token holders.

This proposal, if passed would distribute the requested number of LIKE tokens to cosmos1fr62zx24gapdul0gze8lt3y9fmtt7h6mjv5w6c address owned by Liker Land, which will deploy the funds to the above-mentioned pools after proposal pass to coincide with the regular incentives on Osmosis.

The incentive program will last for 90 days and works out to roughly:
ATOM/LIKE = 83,333.33 LIKE/day
LIKE/OSMO = 83,333.33 LIKE /day

THANK YOU LIKE lovers who provide liquidity for LIKE pools!

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