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Mask Network Newsletter (March 2021)

🔧 Engineering Update

🌍 Mask for Extension

v 1.29.10

  • Display transaction history in the Mask Wallet.

v 1.29.11

  • Integrate Uniswap Info as a token data source;
  • Add collectibles tab in the wallet to display NFTs.

v 1.29.12

  • Update the default image for non-displayable NFTs;
  • Improve the ITO plugin.

v 1.29.13

  • Redesign the wallet tabs

📱Mask for iOS 

v 1.29.12

  • Integrate Trust Wallet Cire;
  • Connect Zerion API;
  • Update Mask JS code;
  • Fix compatibility issues.

🤖️ Mask for Android 

v 1.29.10

  • Fix the issue that the new account setup guide dialog could not be dismissed;
  • Fix the issue of exporting the database backup file.

🌳 Ecosystem Building


🧩 DEGO x Mask Network | Build the NFT entrance in Web 3.0

Mask Network has reached a strategic partnership with cross-chain NFT and DeFi protocol DEGO Finance. Both parties will work together in fields such as NFT blind boxes, games, and social networks. Users will be able to conduct NFT creation, collection, buying and selling on Twitter, all with a few clicks.

🔓 Mask Network x Cent | Buy the Tweet you just saw on Twitter

Mask Network is collaborating with Cent through a joint bounty to add NFTs directly to Twitter: bid and trade on tweets directly within Twitter to support those who tweet.

Bounty Details:


- DeFi

⛓️  Mask Network partners with NEAR Protocol, raising a joint bounty to kick it off

Mask Network reached a strategic partnership with the PoS blockchain NEAR Protocol. The Rainbow Bridge, the NEAR EVM, NEAR Drop, and other key components are expected to be integrated with Mask Network. This cooperation started with a joint bounty: to integrate NEAR Wallet into Mask Network, creating a solid foundation for future partnership.

Bounty Details:

🤝  Mask Network invests in Convergence to join hands on Initial Twitter Offering (ITO) and Wrapped Security Token (WST)

Mask Network has invested and partnered with decentralized interchangeable asset protocol Convergence. Projects on Convergence could conduct Wrapped Security Token launchings through Initial Twitter Offering and trade them in the Convergence AMM pool.

🙌 Mask Network x Polygon|Other ways to play?

Mask Network has collaborated with Layer 2 solution aggregator Polygon (formerly Matic Network), to conduct technical conversations about the current issues, such as traffic and high gas fee on Ethereum.

Mask Network will first integrate QuickSwap, a decentralized exchange that is part of Polygon's ecosystem through a joint bounty.

Bounty details:

👨‍💻 Community & Developer

🎉 Mask Network x Gitcoin | Gitcoin Grant Round 9

Mask Network has been an active funder since Gitcoin Grants Round 6, and has published more than 20 bounties on Gitcoin. Meanwhile, Mask Network keeps on supporting the Gitcoin Grants Round 9, encouraging more developers into the ecosystem building of future blockchain and the development of open-source project.

Mask Network reached a technical partnership with Gitcoin years ago. Mask Network can automatically recognize Gitcoin donation links, so users could donate with a few clicks after the installation of the extension. We also had a MASK Webinar during the GR9, click the video below to get the instructions of how to support the Gitcoin Grant directly from Twitter and other cool features we have.

🔍 $MASK Token

💰 $MASK is now on Transak, supporting direct buying on Twitter

$MASK token is now on Transak, the fiat on-ramp aggregator endorsed by ConsenSys. Users can buy $MASK token directly using fiat without leaving Twitter.

Type “$MASK” in the Twitter search bar, click “Buy Now" and you are all set to purchase, no extra actions needed.

📍 Token Unlock Details (March 2021)

It has been about a month since the official launch of the $MASK token, the first $MASK unlock took place on March 29th, 2021 (UTC+8).

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