A mail to my company's immigration team

Hi, Immigration team,

I know it could be useless to send this email, and this is probably not within your scope, but I still would like to consult you anyway, because I have no idea if anyone can help me and other Shanghai colleagues.

I am an ordinary colleague based in Shanghai and just joined my company this January.

As you can find some news on the internet that Shanghai already locked down at least 38 days based on the Chinese “Zero Policy” for Covid(which means the government tolerant ZERO people getting positive of Covid), I am the “lucky” one, for me, it’s LockDown Day 38. But for many others, a lot of people have been locked down for over 50 days even 60 days. “Lockdown” means you cannot step out of your apartment and the delivery outside(in Shanghai) is very limited, which means we hardly can buy food unless refresh the Grocery app on phone all the time. Although we can get food by some chance, imprisoning people in their apartment also psychologically hurt us a lot.

Every day, we are fearful to get positive on PCR test(we need PCR test every couple days, and the frequency is quite random), positive means you need to stay in Quarantine Camp(in Chinese, 方舱Fang Cang), you also can see a lot videos and pictures on the internet, the condition there is variedly poor, some with poor and disgusting toilet(cannot call that a toilet), some Quarantine Camp is just a combination of lots of tents, all these Camps with very limited medical support, just keep the positive ones there to separate with negative people. You cannot bring your pets to the Camp, which means either you leave your pet home(probably they would starve to die, no neighbor would help you because they are afraid of Positive as well), either you just release them back to wild. I am quite worried about if my family would be forced to go to Quarantine Camp, my pet cat Assisi(his name) would die at home or killed by wild cats outside…

In recent days, the Zero policy gets more strict, many people are forced to Quarantine Camp because they have neighbors get positive(it’s right, just because you are a positive people neighborhood, you would be facing poor conditions and your pets are under risky). All-day long, I need to worry about many things and fear getting positive or neighbors getting positive. The Covid policies here went crazy, it’s Anti Human Rights, there is almost no law here, and everything is after ZERO Policy.

So… as the above reasons I believe you can understand what I and all the other colleagues based in Shanghai meet with, is there any possibility for our company’s talents here to immigrate to a safer country for this situation? How my company can help on us?

Appreciate if you can keep this mail confidential between us.


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