How to play Klondike Solitaire

Klondike Solitaire, you can understand that this is a folk game in the form of spiders. Solitaire also uses a 52-card deck to play. If you are alone, you can also play this game by yourself. Just have a phone, a computer, especially you can play offline without having to have an internet connection.

How to play Klondike Solitaire

When entering the game, the cards will be divided into 7 columns. Each column will have from 1 to 7 cards arranged in turn from left to right. The last card will be turned face up for you to see.

Above the 7 rows there will be 4 empty cells for you to arrange 13 cards of the same suit from A to K into it. Besides, there is a card box containing 24 reserve cards. If you are in a secret position, you can use those cards during the game.

Players will proceed to move the cards that are turned face up in the columns together to form a consecutive string. The rule when moving those cards is to be smaller, different color, different suit from the previous cards.

When a player moves a card to another position, the card behind is flipped face up. If the flipped hand is an A or is adjacent to the suit on the card on 4 cells, you will proceed to move that card up.

If you see an empty column, put a K card in that column to be able to turn over another card.

In that case, you cannot move any more cards. Click on the card slot containing the 24 reserve cards. The reserve cards are then turned over 3 cards at a time. Players will arrange the cards into 7 columns according to consecutive rules, different colors and different suits.

The game will end when the player can complete the cards into the 7 columns and 4 cells in the upper drawer. The player's score will be calculated based on the number of correct moves of the cards and the number of cards placed in the column. If the cards are arranged enough time and get the correct number of points, the player will win.

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