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[Traditional Chinese Clothes] The Misunderstanding about Traditional Han Clothing |【汉服】汉服就是汉代的衣服?谈谈那些你对汉服的误解


前段时间@tanlikming陈力名 跟我说让我可以写一下关于汉服的分享。今天瑶光就来和大家盘点和分享一下目前我遇到的身边人关于汉服的误解。

Hello, every, I am Alkaid, a hantastic promoters. Today I will talk about the Hantastic Clothing. Firstly, I have to state that the word— “Hantastic” is a new word, it never showed up before we held one cultural communication activity in London. Usually, we call this Han-cutural. It is a kind of our traditional culture about the antient nation— Han nation, the majority nation of China. It come from one of our leader, I thought this word exactly can express what we want to present. Well, today I would like to share 3 misunderstanding about the Han Clothing I ever meet as well as most people do, as the clothes is the means to demonstrate the culture.



Misunderstanding 1: Hantastic Clothing is clothes during Han-dynasty, and it is old and has already out-of-fashion.

The Hantastic Clothing is traditional dress-up of Han nation. Just like the other 55 minority nation in China, it is just a kind of national dress. An important reason for people to misunderstand might because that Han is the longest nation to rule the ancient China. That does make sense. However, Hantastic clothing is inheriting the whole historic periods when Han nation ruled the China until Ming-dynasty. It including not only the Quju,Zhiju etc. from Han-dynasty but also Jiaoyu Skirt etc. from Wei and Jin period, as well as Yuanlingpao, Tanling etc. from Tang-dynasty, Mamianqun, Bijia etc. from Ming-dynasty and so on.



Misunderstanding 2: The person who wearing Han Clothing must be a mad.

I personally do not hold such a view. The first time I knew about Han clothing when I was a freshman in university, there is a few people known about it, but now, happily, the government began to pay more attention to our traditional culture and clothing. In the holidays or some traditional festivals, wearing traditional costumes is very meaningful for the implementation of Han clothing and culture. I do have some friends almost every day wearing traditional Han clothes, whether in work or school, whether it is sunny or rainy. Each of us who love Han clothing, perhaps initially just because of the flowing skirt attracted our attention, perhaps the love of friends around us infected us. But we are all making efforts to make more people aware of the traditional Han costumes. You might dislike it, but please don't judge others lightly. You could dislike, but please don't hurt.



Misunderstanding 3: Cheongsam is also Traditional Han clothing.

Cheongsam’s history is really short -- only around 200 years. Undoubltly, it perfectly shows a woman’s figure. Especially during the period of the Republic of China, Cheongsam is popular, which improved Manchu traditional clothes by Stereo trim and could embodied the Chinese style. Actually, Cheongsam is not Han clothing. If I have to put it into classification, I would like to say it is a classic costume under the Chinese Nation's modern and unique aesthetics. Some people refused Cheongsam might because of the embarrassing origins, while in my own opinion, although it has a special background, it is really beautiful. To be honest it is a successful improvement.



Pick up the Traditional Chinese Clothing

As a Chinese, I agree with all the traditional and national clothing in the history and today. But as a Han girl, I hope more and more people can pick up our own traditional Clothing. When people mentioned Han, they might think of our traditional clothing rather than the T-shirt and jeans from the Western.

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I am Alkaid, looking forward to special friend here.


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