sad fishing

in my city, some people are always love to sad fishing continuously. just like some of my pervious fds, she actually has a good-salary job, earn higher then normal people, above 30k. and her job is stable, senior level, work in govt dpt. but still, like to sad fishing and making excuses. these people are not truly unwealthy, its just they love to pretend they are poor and cheat others to take advantages. it is so sad that for hk society's structure, some people like this and shirk the responsibilities to others could move up the economic ladder. So.. if you ask me what my moral values are/is.. Im not able to determine.. maybe wait til until the end of my life, I could finally know what my morality could be. Becoz from this stage, everythings can be changing, and can occurs so much things that may probably change your values.. and I'm not sure am I still go through a right way or wrong? I couldn't really tell you until died. isn't it? some mishaps happen every so often..


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