Why you should not smoke.

Save Money. Increased tobacco taxation and the resulting rise in the cost of tobacco products is considered too expensive

Get Your Health Back. Smoking tobacco affects human health in a multitude of ways.

Are there any good reasons to stop smoking:

Why You Should Stop Smoking. Unfortunately, the fact that it’s such a difficult habit to quit makes it so dangerous. For most, quitting isn’t just a matter of willpower. However, the list of reasons to stop smoking keeps growing, and here are the most important ones! Here’s why you should stop smoking for good.

Are there any good reasons not to smoke cigarettes?

If you need more reasons not to smoke besides smelly clothes and yellow teeth, here you go: Your wallet. How can you afford that new video game if you're burning cash on cigarettes? Your athletic ability. Smokers run slower and can't run as far, like being old before you're old. Your state of mind.

Are there any health risks associated with smoking:

Ranging from increased risk of lung cancer and heart attacks to rapid aging of the skin, acne, and decreased senses. Smoking is one of the leading risk factors for heart disease and lung cancer. 3. Live Longer Quitting smoking, preferably before the age of 40 gives back almost a decade of lost life from continued smoking.

Why is it never too late to quit smoking?

It is NEVER too late to quit. By quitting smoking, you can: Lengthen your life expectancy Decrease your risk of disease (including lung cancer, throat cancer, emphysema, heart disease, high blood pressure, ulcers and reflux, erectile and sexual dysfunction, kidney disease, and other conditions)


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