Cam Sites That Accept Bitcoin

Digital media like cam sites involve a bunch of transactions which could sum up to be a lot in amount. Cryptocurrency is a very profitable alternative that benefits viewers and especially the content creators. It guarantees privacy when purchasing tokens from the models and avoids unnecessary extra transaction fees so your bank statements won’t have a bunch of receipts from adult sites. In other words, cryptocurrency doesn’t make you look like a horny pervert in public. Luckily, cam sites are actively partnering up with and accepting cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. With that information in your head, you can now spoil your favorite cam girl all you want.

What is Cryptocurrency? Cam Sites That Accept Bitcoin

Well, in short, cryptocurrency is digital money. Okay, it’s a little more complicated than that. It’s a digital decentralized currency that uses blockchain technology to not show your online transactions, even though it’s recorded globally. This prevents fraud, unlike in a centralized banking system. They’re also immune to government intervention, unlike normal currency. The difference is, transactions are fast and almost free. They’re also very portable meaning it can be stored in a mobile application. It’s something the new age is willing to invest in since the value of cryptocurrency is usually pretty high. The value itself depends on a supply and demand basis. Bitcoin, for example, is a very popular example. Now, what does all this have to do with cam sites? The answer is simple: cam sites are welcoming cryptocurrencies like bitcoin with open arms. The purpose of this is to maintain anonymity when tipping or subscribing to your favorite cam girls. Bitcoin is considered to be the alpha of cryptocurrency and many cam sites accept it.

Cam Sites That Accept Bitcoin----Chaturbate

Say you want to see a couple getting it on live. You search up chaturbate.com/couple-cams/ and find a hot couple ready to show you what you want. You realize the subscription bill will be shown on your bank transcripts and you cannot risk looking like a pervert. Chaturbate is one of the top cam sites for all kinds of needs. They include categories such as girl on girl cam, lesbian sex chat rooms, couples live sex cams, and much more. It is amongst the top 100 free sex sites. Now the best part is, it supports Bitcoin! Currently, Chaturbate is probably the only site to offer its visitors 4k resolution streams, where available. The camera itself and the upstream are dependent on the performers themselves, and those that have the right setup can expect to be supported by Chaturbate to host the broadcast in HD+. With that, Bitcoin offers token packages so that you have a large asset of tokens at your disposal.

Accept Bitcoin-----LiveJasmin

Undoubtedly one of the biggest cam sites out there, LiveJasmin provides us with the largest catalog of naked women on cam. All of these glamorous models have a minimum broadcast feed of 720p, meaning high-quality porn! Plus, the fact that this website supports cryptocurrencies like bitcoin is a huge advantage. Now you can watch your favorite models and jerk off with complete anonymity! But wait, there’s more! LiveJasmin offers user benefits and advantages. You get free 9.99 credits upon your first purchase as well as every fifth purchase even when buying LiveJasmin credits with Bitcoin. Furthermore, the site has great customer service there to assist with every purchase. So an overview of the site would be a great user experience on mobiles and tablets, around 300 models online at any time and one of the biggest sites with over 24,000 models!

Accept Bitcoin Cam Sites---Flirt4Free

Flirt4Free is another solid cam site that offers both free and premium chats. Most of these are private chats so you have to pay an amount that is somewhat above average but worth every penny. With over 100 models online at a time, the site is well known among the gay community meaning you can get your hands on free gay cam shows, gay cam to cam chats, video chat for lesbians, free transgender chat rooms, and much more. When transactions are made with bitcoin, you get free credits in your account to spend on all your favorite models on the site.

Cam Site-----StripChat

StripChat is a high quality leading cam site that provides free and premium content. Models here are over 1,500 in number and luckily, they perform partially or completely nude. The quality of these streams depends on the model’s setup, however, StripChat is the only cam site that offers free online virtual sex chat rooms. These rooms host up to 10 to 15 users. Additional payment lets you have private cam to cam sex chats. And yes, it does support bitcoin so you have the privilege to enter private chats alone with a sexy model.

Other sites that support bitcoin are Strip4Bit, it for bitcoin, cams.com, xlovecam, and more. Each one has unique bitcoin packages, models, categories, communities, and galleries.

The signup and payment processes are pretty straightforward. Be sure to include cryptocurrency and add bitcoin as your option. Again, this comes with multiple benefits for your satisfactory experience on your preferred website. Moreover, bitcoin payments are completely tax-free so basically, you would get the same amount of tokens and the site would get the same amount of money from you. This leads to the fact that webcams that take bitcoin are lower in cost. Why is this? Well, there are no additional bank fees, currency conversions, and whatnot. You’re not wasting any money from your hard-earned paycheck and that’s how it’s supposed to be. Bitcoin makes online payments very versatile. This means you can use it anywhere at any time, even though your mobile phone. Now, if you want to put the porn aside, you can learn to play the market with this. You will be able to buy and sell bitcoins even as sex tokens. Who wouldn’t want to be a tycoon in the online sex industry? Although not every cam site offers packages or even accepts bitcoin, experiences on the ones that do are still worthwhile. 


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