Orli 谷語語
Orli 谷語語

Reading, writing and painting.

下雨的日子 Raining

縱使下雨天,也要好心情,和我一起聞雨起舞!”A happy heart makes the face cheerful.” (Pro.15:13) Shall we dance!

星期六的早上下起了雨,吃完早餐準備出門,走到公車站前,雨愈下愈大,電子站牌上顯示還有七分鐘左右,恐怕是雨拖延了行車的時間。It was drizzling on a Saturday morning. Then it was raining harder when I was ready to get out. I walked to the bus stop. The bus was late because of the rain. 

站在雨前面,等著,我想起曾經有人問我:Waiting in front of the rain, I thought of a question someone once asked me. 

  「你喜歡下雨嗎?」”Do you like raining?” 

「嗯!如果不用在外頭活動,我倒是很喜歡下雨天!」”Yes. I like raining if I do not stay outdoors.”

過了一會,車子來了。上了車,我走到後方,選了一個靠窗的位置。The bus was coming after a little while. I got on the bus, stepping to the rear and picked a window seat.

坐在公車裡,不會被雨淋到,欣賞著附著在玻璃上的雨珠,大大小小每一顆都展現出自己獨特的姿態,有的映出地板黃線的顏色,有的清澈有的模糊,合成了一幅美好的畫;突然間覺得,即使出門遇到下雨天,也沒那麼討厭了。I sat on the bus, without raining inside, watching the raindrop attached to the window glass. Every raindrop had its own look. Some reflected the yellow line on the ground, some were clear and some were blurry. And They came to a wonderful picture. At the moment, I saw the beauty of the rain even if I had to walk in the rain. 


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