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Time to buy more token that you wanted

Good to seeing the crypto markets dip further today, I ain't holding all stable coin on hands, I also got some token on hands, and I am suffering some loss at the moment, but I don't really care the correction in short term.

In the contrary, I will buy more token that I wanted during this correction, as you might know I am saving up Luna at the moment, I also use HBD to swap for Hive daily but I don't want to keep repeating on here Leo.

The Luna is hitting 2/3 weeks low at the moment, I feel so lucky that I sold all of them when it was higher last week then I can use the same amount of USDT to buy more Luna back.

Today I just bought a bit more of Luna for just in case the market suddenly rebound, I still have some USDT on hand and it should be ok no matter the markets keep dipping or suddenly rebounding a lot, as I almost buy all the Luna back now.

So, let's see what's going to be happened in the next days, having some profit or having chance to buy at even lower? Really look forward to it.


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