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Having Sushi with my mom in the World Porters

If you still remember I have made a post to compare the Yokohama in game and the Yokohama in real life? Forgotten? No worry, here is the link to re-call your memory

Wow, times flies, it's already 3 months when I made the Yokohama in game vs Yokohama in real life post, anyway, I will focus to introduce my trip in Yokohama with my mom lately.

At the beginning my mom had no idea what to eat for dinner, I just asked if she has interested to try the local sushi shop in Japan to see what's the different to the Hong Kong and she though it's a good idea to try again the sushi in Japan as her last visit to Japan was 8 years ago before this trip.

We couldn't wait to get into the shopping mall as the weather was really really cold, so good to seeing there's nobody waiting outside, it might not good to the shop though 😝😝

While we get inside we just closed our eyes and ordered this this this and that that that, then couldn't wait to finish all of them while they were still fresh, ended up we took about 30+ plates and a bowl of noodles for each person, could remember how much the bill was, the price wasn't too expensive anyway.

When we done for the dinner we planned to go check in at the hotel, and I saw a McDonald inside the mall, I heard people saying that the Japanese people hardly take McDonald, so I just curious to know if the vibes there really so quiet...em...look at the picture...we know the answer, no need to get inside...

Time to go check in at the hotel, well...I would say, the hotel in Japan is really small, just like the nano size motel in Hong Kong...


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