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Embarrassing Friday

Embarrassing Friday

Time flies, it has been 2 months since I back to Shenzhen, I am going to get my ass back to Hong Kong on next Monday, so I gotta to take the COVID test before I return, I thought I don’t have to make appointment in advanced, but the fact is that there is so many people rushing to back HK lately for re-opening of the school.

Even worse, I just notice that I forgot to take my identity card when I arrived hospital, so I am forced to go home to take it, but there is no more quota when I back to hospital again, fortunately I can still do that shit tomorrow, otherwise it would be much more embarrassing.

Then I simple go to have Chinese dim sum with my wife before accompany her to office, both my wife and I don’t have too much appetite today, we didn’t eat too much as we do as usual.

Somehow we are bloody sleepy today, sound it’s not a good day to work today, so I gotta stop here and take a nap first, wish all of you have a nice weekend


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