癡人說夢 just be good

a movie afternoon

watching the movie touchback at home with a little cup of refilled McDonald fresh coffee this afternoon,it is about a football(soccer) player thinking of go back high school times. trying to make some change to avoid some regrets in coming years . finally realized the reality is the best for him, his wife and his two daughters. his friends in cold water town Ohio

I have too many negative thoughts since October . seasonal depression and political depression maybe . I do need some strength and I know I have to survive from these nowadays things. " the covid control movements" and "the incrediable superior learder." they literally kill every hope of future . make the view of future so dark. especially for those who don't wanna go back the 1960s of ussr and china

keep negative in body, keep positive in mind. books ,music, movies woud help. and the coming Qatar World Cup would help.


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