Top 10 Best Fortnite Players in the World

Fortnite first appeared on the gaming scene in 2017 as the newest Battle Royale game to take the gaming world by storm. Fortnite has grown into one of the most popular Esports in the world, awarding more money annually than any other competitive video game since its inception three years ago. Players in the Fortnite eSports game have achieved unprecedented levels of fame, fortune, and status. The top ten highest-paid Fortnite players have earned a total of more than $3.5 million dollars. In 2020, the most popular Twitch broadcasting channels are Fortnite channels, and it's not even close.

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In this post, we'll look at the most successful Fortnite players of all time, as well as the reasons for their success. I'll take into account their overall earnings in Fortnite, as well as their success in important competitions like the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. So, without further ado, let's have a look at our list of the Top 10 Fortnite players of all time.

Top 10 Best Fortnite Players

Rank Name

#1 Kyle Giersdorf

#2 Williams Aubin

#3 David Wang

#4 Benjy Fish

#5 Turner Tenney

#6 Shane Cotton

#7 Rocco Morales

#8 Kyle Jackson

#9 Martin Andersen

#10 Tim Miller

#1 Bugha

There appears to be just one option for the king of competitive Fortnite at the top of the list. There hasn't been a greater competition in Esports than the Fortnite World Cup in the summer of 2019 since its beginning in 2017. To that time in Esports history, it had the most competitors and the largest prize fund. Bugha, on the other hand, dominated the competition.

Bugha started the World Cup qualifiers in first place and finished first when the tournament was over. Bugha was the best performer in the first week of qualifications and was the first North American to qualify for the World Cup. Bugha proceeded to compete and qualify for solos for the World Cup during the next nine weeks of qualifications.

Bugha maintained his dominance in the most competitive Fortnite queue ever at the actual World Cup. He won handily in the opening game of the solo tournament, with the most kills in the game, giving him a comfortable lead over the rest of the field. Bugha never relinquished the advantage after that, finishing in the top 10 for the majority of the games to easily win the solos World Cup. Bugha won a total of $3 million in that competition, making him the most successful Fortnite player in history.

Bugha has remained one of the leading contenders in the NA East region since then. He has qualified for and competed in every major FNCS tournament, placing in the top ten in both the duos and Winter Royale 2019 competitions. To dethrone Bugha as the top Fortnite player of all time, another player will have to go on a big run.

#2 Zayt

The second half of the dynamic combo just misses out on number six on the list to his mate. To Saf's jelly, Zayt is the peanut butter. They're both superstars on their own, but together they're a force to be reckoned with. Zayt is peanut butter because he has done better on his own, similar to how peanut butter is just ahead of jelly. Zayt oversees the competitive Fortnite scene in North America, scheduling practice and tournaments for the region's other players. Zayt is one of Fortnite's finest minds and best commanders, and he's had a lot of success as a result.

Saf and Zayt were in first position in duos in the World Cup until the final game, when they were killed early and dropped down the leaderboards. They came in fourth place overall and took home little under $1 million. Zayt competed in the World Cup as a Solo as well, finishing 36th.

Following the World Cup, Zayt maintained his Fortnite dominance in North America. Zayt's name was almost always towards the top of the leaderboards in any major tournament. It seemed inescapable. Zayt finished fourth in the trios, behind Saf and Zyfa. He teamed up with Commandment, Highsky, and Saf in Squads, all of whom are strong solo players. They came in fourth place once more. It was the same narrative with the same people in duos. During Chapter 2: Season 2, Zayt and Saf collaborated and won the FNCS duo finals, confirming that they are the best tandem in North America. Zayt finished ninth in the following FNCS, making him one of just four players in the world to finish in the top ten in each of the four FNCS competitions since the World Cup.

Zayt is Mr. Consistency and runs competitive Fortnite in the NA East region, earning him the title of second-best Fortnite player on the planet.

#3 Aqua

Aqua is the top European pro on the list, coming in at number three. Aqua is the most dependable player in the European region, which is widely regarded as the most difficult to succeed in at the highest level. Despite the high level of competition, Aqua has excelled, despite the talent of the opponents he is competing against.

Aqua was the driving force behind his duo's incredible comeback, winning the final two games to win the Duo World Cup alongside Nyrox. After earning $1.5 million, he became the second-highest earner in Fortnite history, behind Bugha.

Aqua has been one of the best Fortnite players in the world since the World Cup, regardless of geography. Aqua, along with Tschinken and Stompy, won the FNCS trios championship for the second time. Aqua went away with another another large payday in Squads, finishing in the top ten squads in Europe. Aqua once again proved that he is one of the finest of the best in duos. In FNCS Duos, he finished fourth in Europe alongside Stompy. He followed up these great performances with a third-place finish in the FNCS Solos competition across Europe.

#4 Benjyfishy

Bejnyfishy is the third European pro on the list, as well as the second British player. On their way to the World Cup, Benjy and Mr. Savage were known as the world's most adorable duo. Benjy was a fan favorite because he was devoted to Fortnite and exploited the competitive aspect of the game to support his family, which is incredibly mature for a 16-year-old who amassed hundreds of thousands of dollars in such a short period of time.

Benjy continues to win fans' hearts throughout the World Cup with his fat smile and excellent skills. He placed 14th in duos and 25th in solos, demonstrating that he is one of the best players in the world. Within the competitive Fortnite community, he became an immediate legend and is largely recognized as one of the finest.

Benjy's performance in the FNCS competitions was backed up by consistent positions in Europe. He finished 10th in the trios with two of Europe's best, Mongraal and Mitr0. Benjy, together with Mongraal, Nayte, and Wolfiez, guided his squad to second place in Europe. Benjy did not rank in the top ten in duos or solos, but he did place in the top 50 players in Europe in the finals. To remain in the top five players in the world, Benjy must continue to win tournaments and play regularly in the future.

#5 Tfue

Tfue was once the king of competitive Fortnite and is still the streaming face of the game. While playing competitive Fortnite, Tfue has the highest audience in all of Fortnite, averaging 30K daily viewers.

Tfue was largely regarded as the top Fortnite player in the world in 2018 and early 2019. During the summer of 2018, he won a number of solo and duo events, including the Summer and Fall Skirmishes. Tfue had the highest revenue in Fortnite and was the most popular person in the entire gaming world going into the World Cup qualifications in the spring of 2019.

Tfue hasn't had the same level of success since then as he did in the early stages of his Fortnite career. He qualified for the World Cup as a solitary player, however he finished 67th in the tournament. Since the World Cup, he has had some success in the FNCS series, but he is not one of the finest players in the world. He placed 7th overall in Squads, but has not been in the top 15 in any of the other FNCS competitions since the World Cup.

He is still the most popular player in Fortnite, but he has not maintained the level of success he had in the game's first year. We'll see whether he can change his ways before he drops out of the top ten.

#6 EpikWhale

EpikWhale is the only player from the North American West to make the top ten list, coming in at number six. EpikWhale is the fifth-highest paid Fortnite player of all time. He had the best success at the World Cup, when he placed third in a solo event and 12th in a duet event. EpikWhale has been strong in what is regarded as a weak region in NA West, yet has still managed to win enough to be considered one of the best.

EpikWhale's success in the FNCS competitions mirrored his performance at the World Cup. EpikWhale was a member of the fourth-place squad in the trios competition. He finished fourth in the FNCS teams finals the next season, alongside Edgey, Cented, and Rehx. He stayed with Rehx for the FNCS duos, where they have crowned the top duo in the NA West. EpikWhale's "worst" finish in solos was 6th in the West, yet he still finished in the top ten. He has earned over $1.5 million from Fortnite events, the majority of which he won at the World Cup or in big tournaments since then.


Saf is a member of the finest Fortnite combo in the world and one of the most successful players in North America. Since the World Cup qualifiers at the start of 2019, he and his partner, Zayt, have finished in the top five in every major tandem tournament.

Saf is a world-class mechanical player with exceptional constructing and editing abilities. He has the ability to outbuild and kill everyone in the world at any given time, making him dangerous in any game position. Saf is also one of the world's most consistent players. He's been a top competitor since 2018, and he and Zayt recently won the FNCS duos.

In just over two and a half years, Saf has amassed over $1 million in Fortnite profits, ranking him 11th all-time in the game. Saf was a member of a team that finished in the top 5 in each FNCS competition in Squads, Trios, and Duos, demonstrating that he is one of the best team players in Fortnite.

#8. Mongraal

In North America, Tfue is the king of content, and in Europe, Mongraal is the king of content. Because of his tremendous popularity and success as a pro player, he is the face of competitive Fortnite in Europe. Mongraal rose to prominence in late 2018 and early 2019 as a result of his famous Twitch streams. Mongraal would stream himself playing Fortnite constantly and show the world how far he had progressed in the game every day.

Mongraal rose to prominence at the age of 14 and demonstrated that persons of that age could not only compete, but even be the top players in the world. After winning numerous big tournaments and cash cups throughout Europe, Mongraal immediately gained a large following and took that success into the World Cup. Mongraal has qualified for the World Cup as a soloist and a pair on many occasions. Mongraal resumed his dominance at the World Cup, finishing 13th as a soloist and 6th as a duet.

Mongraal began to stream less after the World Cup as he focused on being the top player in the world. Mongraal has competed in every major Fortnite event in Europe during that time. Mongraal did not finish lower than 10th in any team FNCS, and his lowest finish was 26th in a solo FNCS. Mongraal's long-term success at the highest level hasn't been matched by many, which is why he's currently ranked eighth on this list.

#9 Mr. Savage

Mr. Savage made his Fortnite debut towards the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019. Mr. Savage is a 15-year-old pro player from Norway who, along with Benjyfishy, forms one of the most popular duos in the world. They dominated European World Cup qualifications, gaining millions of fans as a result. Mr. Savage qualified for the World Cup in both solos and duos, demonstrating that he is one of the greatest in the world.

Despite not having the finest performance during the World Cup, he came away with hundreds of thousands of dollars and a big fan base. Savage is still a prominent contender in Europe, with roughly 20K daily viewers. In FNCS trios, Savage was a member of a team that placed in the top ten, and he added another player to squads that were in the top five.

Mr. Savage won the last LAN event for Fortnite, Dreamhack Anaheim 2019, which was also the final tournament for Chapter 2: Season 1 of Fortnite. He repeated his success at the FNCS Duos and Solos, placing 12th and 15th, respectively.

#10. Bizzle

Since they began competing in the summer of 2018, Bizzle has been one of the greatest competitive Fortnite players in the world. Bizzle has been one of North America's most consistent and successful professional players since then. He's proven that he can dominate as a lone player or that he can work well in a team format like trios or squads.

Bizzle was one of the fan favorites to win the solo competition going into the World Cup, and he finished 23rd overall. He built on his summer triumph with a good showing in the most recent Fortnite competitions. Bizzle has established himself as a top 10 player in North America in FNCS contests. He placed third in squads and 12th in solos, making him one of NA East's top performers.

Many more candidates were considered for the final place. You could make a case for a variety of professional players for any of the 6-10 slots on this list, but Bizzle's longevity and recent success earned him the nod over guys like Chap, Dubs, Stretch, and Nyrox.

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