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[Blood sugar test strip expired] Can I still use it if it is too high?

Shelf life of blood glucose test strips

Blood sugar test strips are not unfamiliar to sugar lovers who sometimes measure blood sugar constantly, but they may not know how to choose them when purchasing and storing them. Blood glucose test strips of various brands usually have a validity period of 2 years, and at least 1 year validity period in the channel. If you find a test strip that is about to expire, and you do not measure your blood sugar regularly, the test strip is likely to expire, so it is not recommended to buy it. After purchasing the test strip, you can mark the opening date on the jar to avoid high or unstable blood glucose test strips due to expiration after 6 months.

How to store blood sugar test strips?

Test strips are easily deteriorated or damp due to temperature and humidity, so pay attention to the precautions of each brand of test strips when purchasing.

The following lists the preservation methods of the Eskin test strips:

When using the test strips, please open the can and take out the test strips and cover the test strip cans immediately to prevent the test strips from getting wet.

If you are worried about the test strip getting wet, the best choice is to put it in a moisture-proof box.

The test strip is not suitable for storing in the refrigerator, because the temperature difference in the refrigerator will cause condensation, which will make the test strip more damp.

Do not lay the test strips in the sun.

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What is the principle of blood glucose machine testing?

Different brands of blood glucose machines have different detection principles. The Aiskin blood glucose machine uses electrochemical methods to measure the blood glucose value in the blood through the reaction of enzyme blood and electrochemical measurement.

The blood sugar test strip has expired and the value is too high. Can I still use it?

After opening, it is still recommended to use the test strip cans within 6 months if they are well preserved, so as to avoid inaccurate measurement of blood sugar values ​​due to expiration, which will affect the effect of self-management blood sugar monitoring.


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