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How to combine web page (station) construction with marketing and design? Which platforms are recommended?2. How does design integrate with marketing?

Five recommended platforms for website design

The establishment of official website (page) is the standard equipment of every enterprise and brand. However, how to optimize the design of the website and combine it with the promotion of marketing activities is not simple at all. Today’s consumers’ shopping habits have changed, from word of mouth to online search. The design of the official website even more represents the brand’s appearance, and the user experience will directly affect consumers’ first impression of the brand. How to combine website design and marketing design? What other platforms are worth recommending? Let’s watch it!

How to design a website?

Website (page) design is a broad-spirited knowledge, and design is not just a combination of beautiful pictures on the website.

A good official website design should be able to convey the brand and corporate philosophy. Exclusive brand standard words, standard colors and standard logos. The web design is covered under CIS and VIS. If the brand and the enterprise have their own identification system, the combination of website design can create an official website that conveys the brand concept.

In addition, web design should be able to meet the audience’s preferences. Different genders, age groups and interests, etc., have different preferences. Try to think about the preferences of your users and consumers, and design your website in a user-oriented manner. The focus will be able to achieve a multiplier effect.

How does design combine with marketing?

Marketing is the biggest purpose of brands and enterprises, and promoting products and services through web design will be the subject of the official website from beginning to end.

Official website design combined with marketing needs to pay attention to several things:

Big Banner hits the mark

The moment the web page is opened, the first information that customers accept is the layout of the big banner. It is a very important position for the marketing website, clarifying the goals and formulating marketing strategies, you will be able to firmly lock the hearts of customers.

Explore consumer pain points

The original intention of promoting products and services should be to help customers “solve problems”. What are customers most eager to solve? What is most missing? Only by finding out what customers need and understanding their pain points can you impress customers.

content marketing

Full of product introductions, it is easy to oppress the browsing experience of customers. You may wish to add some related articles to add more warmth to the website! You can write brand stories, customer cases, frequently asked questions, etc., through the content to quickly shorten the distance with customers and increase the credibility of the brand!

Five recommended platforms for website design

Already dazzled by website design? Here are 5 platforms recommended for you according to your needs!


The world’s most famous website design platform, especially in Hong Kong, is the most popular, simple layout design, intuitive drag and drop can adjust the block and page layout. You don’t need to know any programming language to set up a website easily. The free version will have conspicuous advertisements. If you do not pay to remove them, it will affect the user experience of the website, and there will be certain restrictions on the storage space. If it is an e-commerce website, it will be somewhat inconvenient.​​


Recognized as a simple version of Wix, the functions are simpler and more convenient to operate. It is suitable for beginners in web page construction. There are beautiful and convenient simple templates that can be applied, and there are free image libraries that can be installed and used directly. However, there is not much flexibility in the design. Its best advantage is that it enjoys free SSL security certificate, and many free extensions have been added one after another. It is more suitable for people who do not need too much design to set up a website in a short time.


Today’s most popular and widely used web page creation platform not only has detailed introductions in domestic and foreign blogs, but also has its own forum where you can communicate with each other and share free teaching resources. Most plug-ins can be used without paying, and there is a variety of design space. However, the flexible backend will require more time to learn the operating principles of the website and programming codes, which is suitable for those who have a basic knowledge of web design.


The blogging and blogging platform, which was the most used in the early days, was acquired by Google in 2003, and many paid functions became free to use. After Google added the function of editing HTML and CSS to the website layout module for Blogger, many people put Blogger is used to build image websites or shopping websites. There are no storage space restrictions and website traffic restrictions, etc. It is a very good platform. However, it was originally a platform specially set up for blogs, and the relative functional items and layouts will be relatively bright. If a major renovation is required, it will cost a lot of money. Focusing on crawling teaching, etc., to produce the same content, the time-consuming is much higher than that of Wordpress.


Webnode, which supports traditional Chinese, has helped tens of millions of users to set up image websites. There is a free trial version that can be tried first, and there are a variety of background themes for users to choose and install. The texture surpasses many free platforms, and the free version has ads Hidden at the bottom of the web page, it will not affect the user experience. The disadvantage is that the function keys are not clearly marked, and there is no 100% drag-and-drop function. You need to upgrade to the paid version to remove the Webnode logo and enable the Google Analytics function.

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