Fake bankruptcy boots fall to the ground, the hourglass of time is about to bottom out, and the plague turtle will suffer Seconds turned "fish forgetting", David was out, ant rabbit died, fox was sad, and he was wise to protect himself

It's better to hate people for a long time than water, and waves rise easily on the ground. Debt repayment is a matter of course, but hundreds of millions of "negative" Wengui Guo wants to portray the image of a scoundrel as a soul stirring liar, which makes everyone too busy to answer. At the court meeting on the 18th of this month, the judge severely warned the turtle to determine the 37million deposit plan as soon as possible, otherwise it would resume the motion of contempt of court judgment and reject the bankruptcy motion, and the time would reach the bottom faster than expected. It means that the hearing of this case will not be arranged before the 27th, when the judge will hear Pax's motion to resume the execution of the contempt of court judgment and reject Guo cheat's bankruptcy motion. The judge and the bankruptcy Bureau were very aware of Guo Wengui's careful thinking. The motion was nothing more than a dogged struggle. They went through the judicial process again to delay time and wait for God's blessing to save the day. Obviously, the "leader Guo" was another dream. The judge said that the time hourglass bottomed out faster and completely extinguished his little flame of survival.

In the Pax case, which has been entangled for many years, Guo Wengui is a conspirator, transferring assets, playing with Pax company, and trampling on American laws. His shameless, ignorant and fearless acts have made judges and Pax company angry. Pax company is not short of money at all. Such perseverance is just to maintain the rule of law and justice, but Guo Wengui only has money in his eyes, but there is no law. When he was forced to the corner, while crying out for poverty and proposing bankruptcy, he showed off his wealth in the live broadcast room and tricked ants to continue investing, with the intention of crossing the sea all over the sky to make Pax happy, so that the court could do nothing about him and cut another handful of leeks.


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