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Comments on the Financial Times opinion piece.

Lithuania tests the EU’s resolve on Chinese economic coercion. Beijing is targeting the Baltic nation after it allowed Taiwan to open a de facto embassy. How will Europe respond?

"It's the economy, stupid" propelled Bill Clinton to the White House in 1992. It is the same sentence that has led the world to what it is now. The major issue is whether only the economy dominates the world order. Are there any treasured value systems which are more valuable than the economy?

Since China entered the world trade system in the early 2000s, it has made fundamental changes to the supply chains. Capitalists have tried to take advantage of cheap labor and land in China to enrich their confers. The end result is the middle class has been gradually depleted and polarized the free world in terms of wealth distribution.

After two decades China is a bully on the block and it has ganged up with Russia to fortify the two authoritarian regimes. Are the two governments really earning their peoples' support?

The business world has to think about the ESG, environment, social responsibility and governance. Is that only a slogan to legitimize the business? Or is it a real goal to give business a sense of purpose?

Human beings need to learn from the mistakes from history. If we are complacent about what we have and let bullies dominate the world stage, are we risking the whole world for a disastrous world war down the road as we did in the early forties in the last century?

We have observed how China has treated Lithuania, Australia and Canada over the past few years. And Russia is pointing a gun at the Ukrainian's head. Who will be the next?

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