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Farmers World game can re-subvert your understanding of farm games

Recently, Farmer World game has become extremely popular. Because of the rise of GameFi’s entire track, Farmers World stands out with its good background and perfect mechanism, becoming another dark horse in chain travel after Axie and Aliens World. Today we will come. Explain this game in detail.

Farmers World game is the first farming game to run on the NFTs platform. It is a game that integrates planting, breeding, construction and occasional battles. Players need to choose the right tools for themselves, develop various resources, buy land to build huge farms, and enjoy the fascinating experience of farmers working in the farmer world ecosystem.

Farmers World game was developed by Japanese game developer GJIT JAPAN and built on the WAX public chain. WAX is a public chain focusing on games and digital collections. The main network was launched in June 2019. The main network is based on the EOS network transformation. The Farmers World game has a good prospect. There are certain thresholds for participating in the game. However, mastering the core skills is generally a profit after 30 days. Since this is an NFT game, this means that it can make money and play gold, and the Tokens produced in the game can finally be exchanged for WAXP on the exchange.

The most attractive thing for players to enter is the reward mechanism. You can participate in "mining" by purchasing or synthesizing tools. The resources dug up can be directly realized in the exchange. If new players want to enter, they must buy old players to mine. H. Since then, an economic cycle has been produced, making the life cycle of the game longer.

The game mechanism of Farmers World in this version only has Miningmining function (new gameplay such as cultivation and breeding will be updated in the future). One has three resources, namely: wood, gold and food.

Wood: Used to create new equipment NFT, each new equipment requires a lot of wood.

Gold: Used to build new equipment NFTs and repair equipment. It does not consume as much wood in building equipment, but it has an important function. Any equipment will lose a certain amount of equipment durability during the mining process. When the durability is not enough, you can no longer dig. At this time, you need to use gold to repair it.

Food: It is used to increase the vitality value. Any equipment will consume a certain vitality value in the process of mining. When the vitality value is not enough, you cannot continue to dig. At this time, you need to use food to restore the vitality value.

Players need to prepare at least one equipment before starting the game, after which they can start mining. Equipment can be obtained in two ways, the first way is to buy directly on the NFT trading market, and the second way is to synthesize by purchasing resources.

Under normal circumstances, buying resource synthesis equipment by yourself will be a little troublesome, but the cost is generally lower. Once you have the equipment, you can start mining. Generally, you need to tap mining once an hour (excavator taps once every 2 hours). At the same time, you need to use gold and food to replenish the durability and energy of the equipment. The dug resources can be converted into resource coins in the game. There are three resource coins: FWW, FWG and FWF, which correspond to wood, gold and food respectively. In the process of exchanging resource coins, a certain handling fee will be consumed, ranging from 5% to 8%. Generally, the exchange will be done when the handling fee is lower.

In addition to converting resources into resource coins, you can also build equipment to generate NFTs, and then sell them to other players on the NFT platform. Of course, this method is suitable for wood flow and full-stack krypton flow. Of course, the profit will be higher than the direct exchange of resource coins.

Farmers World game is a simple and interesting farming game, but I think the reason that really makes it soaring recently is its high return rate. According to previous calculations, it only takes 20 days to recover the cost. The recent surge in various NFT tools has enabled early players to obtain higher returns. Players who want to participate at this stage undoubtedly have to bear more risks and costs than previous players. If you want to participate, you need to study it yourself before making a decision.


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